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Thanks hun! But wth?! Years....uh uh ain't no way I could've waited that long and only get a card. Btw this is gonna sound real corny, but when I saw that profile pic my heart fluttered haha ^_^

Replied To: Angel's Package!!!! ()
On: Feb 08, 2013

Smh, it should be coming by next month hopefully.

Replied To: Angel's Package!!!! ()
On: Feb 08, 2013

I ordered mine back in October, what about you?

Replied To: Angel's Package!!!! ()
On: Feb 01, 2013

IG: victoriasymone

Replied To: Instagram and twitter ()
On: Jan 21, 2013

Exactly! And this Billy guy emailed me back saying "well the average time it takes a member to receive their package is 6-8 weeks". I'm lookin like umm obviously I know that already...that was never my problem otherwise I wouldn't have emailed you. My problem is that I've been waiting way past that amount of time, but now i see why smh. They need to get they shit together. Looks like we have to wait an extra month for it

Replied To: Angels Package ()
On: Jan 08, 2013
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