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She Wasn't Wrong For Leavin Him. The Fact Of The Matter Is, None Of Us Know What It's Like To Be In A High-Profile Relationship Until We've Actually Done It. We All Know Our Strengths And Weaknesses, To Some Degree, But I Think She Did The Honorable Thing By Being Honest With Him And Letting Him Go If She Knew She Couldn't Handle It. She Knew She Wasn't Strong Enough And Thats Real, Some People Just Aren't Strong Enough. Way To Be A REAL Woman About Your Shit Shanell!!

Replied To: Story - Does She Know ()
On: Jul 12, 2011

Can Yu Say "CLIFFHANGER"???? Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied To: Story - Does She Know ()
On: Jul 11, 2011

Ive Been Waiting On This! Thanks Maam!!!!

Replied To: Secret Service Chap.2 ()
On: Apr 19, 2011

Essence....Yu Preggers, Girl??

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Mar 30, 2011

I Knew Yu Were Gonna Kill Karma Off....DAM, DAM, DAM!!!!!! (In My Florida Evans Voice)

Replied To: Strip Tease *Bonus* ()
On: Mar 03, 2011
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