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arrogant....????Trey!!!! hmmm..... hell yeah.....well i'm speaking in terms of the media and rumors....cuz he honestly don't give a bliss what they say. he would purposely do stuff to give them something to talk.....n also see how many people actually believe the story/s....n then just laugh at all who believed. but i don't think tremaine is all that arrogant. mama's boy got conscience

On: Mar 16, 2011

like hell yeah u know trey stay on that shit up in the studio all day. writing songs making beats +putting his all into what he does which = time = $MONEY$ KA-CHING LOL

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On: Mar 16, 2011


On: Mar 16, 2011


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On: Mar 16, 2011

but would he do a porn???? i doubt it if he ever did it may have been just to watch over or for the fun of wat ever, but like i said b4 if nvr did y should he do it now. knowing the possibility that it might leak out, because he is trey songz

On: Mar 14, 2011
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Hi my name is vita, i'm a 17yr old college student and a fan of trey of course. I've been a fan from 2010, the story of how i became a fan is quite hilarious, but i'm glad i did. i'm the type of fan that don't like ppl talking shit about trey. i'm the type of fan that votes for trey cuz it trey even if i don't really favour the song. point is trey is my man n i'll go hard for my babey. Trey i want u to know u have fans in Barbados. like countless
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