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u usually get an email about it.

Replied To: USTREAM! (Forum topic)
On: Sep 11, 2011

yes i have one, i use it from time to time to just so i can hear his voice, and i feel as if i am talking to him....bus the i never he different numbers. however i will try all of them. the one i have is the same as mrs songz. yh i am rlly obsessed.

On: Sep 10, 2011

i gotta make sure i get dat dvd omg

On: Sep 09, 2011

lol@ numba1hon i agree with you though

On: Sep 09, 2011

lmao off at nalston

On: Sep 09, 2011
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Hi my name is vita, i'm a 17yr old college student and a fan of trey of course. I've been a fan from 2010, the story of how i became a fan is quite hilarious, but i'm glad i did. i'm the type of fan that don't like ppl talking shit about trey. i'm the type of fan that votes for trey cuz it trey even if i don't really favour the song. point is trey is my man n i'll go hard for my babey. Trey i want u to know u have fans in Barbados. like countless
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