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Volumptuous Angel


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can any1 tell me wen Mr Songz will b doing the signings or a concert or something in LA? and when can i put in for the skip the line contest when he does come? -sighs- I need to kno these things! Somebdy let me kno! =D

On: Sep 04, 2012

kiss him for me too! =D

On: Aug 25, 2012

ugh i need to kno wen he gonna b in LA so i can win this skip the line sheeeesh

On: Aug 25, 2012
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On: Aug 02, 2011
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On: Jul 09, 2011
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Volumptuous Angel
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I have been a Trey Songz fan from the very beginning! I love him to death, I have everything Trey! From cds, to magazines to movies he was an appearance in!!!!! I have it all!!!!!! YUUUUUUUPPPP!!!!!!
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