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Hi Trey,
I have your music all over my Facebook, but my song I really like is " One Love".. But many more..Would love an auto, from you like so man yother women! But My God you are so Handsome and an Awesome Singer! Love Ya trey!
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On: Jan 25, 2011
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Love BRUNO MARS, going boating, like to ATV, love to fish,laying on a private beach somewhere, love to sing in my car! lol... And just waking up in the morning is a Blessing! I am into all kinds of things, I just can't pick one. I like to go on walks when I get a chance, sight seeing, dancing (even if alone), smiling, looking at the stars on a clear summer night, doing "little" things that make others smile and know I'm thinking of them,cuddling, sitting quietly by my Christmas tree when it's lit up a passionate kiss, a soft touch, good surprises, a great hug, a road trip, meeting new people, flirting with someone fun, girls' nights, reading a good book, a good deep cry, catching a stranger's eye, a heart-felt laugh, live music, feeling wind in my hair, swimming, camping, watching and listening to a fire crackle, Baseball And Fireworks. And just being with the people I care about.
Saint Cloud
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