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Hey Reanie,

Please reach out to for a status on your welcome package. Include your name, email and order number if possible.

Thanks, WebCrew

On: Sep 10, 2012

Hey Celle-Cell,

We just updated your Twitter name for you in your profile, thanks for letting us know about the change! If you want to change any profile information going forward, just hover over your username for the user menu to appear and then click 'Edit Profile.'

Hope this helps!

On: Aug 10, 2012

Hey Ariel,

Awesome to see you're interested in attending that event - best of luck in the radio contest! Please email with your suggestion for Trey's Angels.

Thanks! Web Crew

On: Aug 01, 2012

Hey everyone,

Thanks for reaching out to us through this thread!

The angel’s section ( is only viewable by Trey’s Angels fan club members. If you would like access to this section, please join the fan club.  If you did join and have trouble accessing, please send an e-mail to Use this e-mail to contact the Angel’s team in case you’re wondering when your membership expires.

Official Angel merchandise can be purchased on  You will be asked to enter your e-mail and password when you purchase the item. The system will recognize that you’re an official fan club member.  Please do not enter your login info on the “Log In” text on the top right corner of the page because that log in specifically for general store purchases.  

Let us know if you guys have any more questions and we hope you’re enjoying the new site experience!

On: Jul 30, 2012

Hey zenadali2426,

Sorry to hear you were having trouble with your order - are you still having difficulties checking out? If so, please let us know which product you are attempting to purchase and any other information you think might be helpful (browser, operating system, etc.) in a comment here or an email to the webstore (via so that we can help resolve this ASAP.

Thanks so much! Web Crew

On: Jul 23, 2012
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