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Hey Dr. BrainyAngel,

When you place the order you'll see an authorization for the charge right away, however, the actual funds will not be removed from your account until the order ships (after the release date).

Hope this helps!
-- Web Crew

On: Jul 19, 2012

Hi Tanesha,

Very sorry to hear about your experience with Audiolife. Unfortunately, we do not handle customer service for orders placed on that platform so it would be best to continue communications with them regarding that order. We very much appreciate your letting us know about that, though, and are more than happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding Trey's current store @ Check out and/or email for anything not covered there.

Thanks so much for being a fan!!

@Numba1Hon Hmm, it's possible you may need to upgrade or edit your browser settings. If that doesn't work, please send an email to describing the issue. If at all possible, please copy and paste the error or include a screenshot as that will help us troubleshoot.

@Treyed Up Thanks for stopping by! You should definitely check out the updated if you're interested in new merch :)

-- WebCrew

On: Jul 18, 2012

Hey Numba1Hon,

We are also working on activity feeds in profiles so that, in addition to your uploaded photos and videos, you'll be able to keep track of all your comments and discussion threads. We'll let you know when we have more information about releasing that and the profile comments.

Thanks, Web Crew

On: Jun 05, 2012

Hey Angels, Thank you very much for writing in to us. We’re happy to see everyone come together to honor and remember a special community member. For those who haven't seen, a dedicated blog is now posted at Feel free to use the blog comments as a special place to write your thoughts, condolences and connect with other Angels. -- WebCrew

On: Apr 25, 2012

@L A N A Very, very sorry to hear that! We are reaching out to memberships directly on your behalf and they will be in contact to resolve this issue.
1/2 - Check out this post for more information about the site upgrades:
3/4 - The member lists are sorted by last sign in time so yes, the first person in the list was the last person to sign in to
Thanks, hope this helps!

On: Apr 19, 2012
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