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@jkcaliqt: Please e-mail

On: Oct 10, 2011

@Treysbabe1 - Thanks for reaching out. Please let us know if it's still an issue in a few days.

On: Oct 05, 2011

@ISPARKS87 - Thanks for info. The membership will get back to you.

On: Sep 30, 2011

Hey babygurlsongz28,

Still haven't received your Angels card? Reach out to with the name and email you used to register and an invoice number if you received one.

Hope this helps, keep us posted! WebCrew

On: Sep 26, 2011

@Essence711 s, Angela*TemptingAngel*Easter & MIMI : We are very sorry for the login trouble. Our team is working hard on fixing the issue. Please stay tuned.

On: Sep 23, 2011
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