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Ya'll make me laugh
About 'cook him breakfast', and 'get to know him better'
All ya'll know that there is one thing you wanna do with him the whole day and thats STAY IN BED.
Coz if I ONLY had ONE day and nothing more.
Thats the only way i wanna get to know him.

Then maybe after, i'd tell him to go buy starbucks for breakfast.

On: Sep 14, 2009

If it has to be one of his songs, I would chose 'Kinda Lovin'
Coz the lyrics in this song are so real.. like

'And If I Was Standing On The Block
I'd Keep You In My Sock
And Thats For Real'

That is some mad lyrics
BUT if he was singing me ANY song and not just his.
It would have to be ' Bump N Grind'
Coz I'm freaky like that.

On: Sep 14, 2009

Heavy Lil Make Up On
I Just Wanna Wake Up On...
Her Body In The Morning.
My Tender Own Ringtone
So I Know When She Callin
Shawty Got A Ass so Fat
I Love To Jump On It...
But She Ain't, She Ain't, She Ain't My..
Me And Her Do It Big
Six Feet, Two Seats To The Crib
And I'm Feeling On Her Thigh Right Now
And The Ceiling Is THE SKY Right Now
She Working Them Shoes
I Purchased Them Lambs
Says She'll Keep Them On
While We Get Our Secret On
She Gets It In
We Get It In
But Only On The Weekends

Replied To: what is your favorite song of trey's? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 14, 2009

I definately would NOT faint, coz then the moment would be lost. But I wouldn't cry either, coz some ppl have a really ugly crying face. I would just play it cool and say ' What was that for?'

On: Sep 14, 2009

HIS LIPSS. Aint no point in sayin his music and his voice and blah blah.. coz I cud say that about Jay Z, Lil Wayne or T Pain. There aint no point in sayin his personality coz I dont KNOW him like his moms or his siblings know him. Thats why I strictly base it on his looks coz thats one thing no one else has. Oh and Trey Songz has big hands, I love BIG manly hands.

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 14, 2009
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