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That my my thoughts too! That would be so awesome!!!!!!!!

On: Oct 08, 2010

I agree as well, something more personal and intimate would be fabulous.

Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 08, 2010

thats an awesome idea

Replied To: OMG TOUR IDEA (Forum topic)
On: Oct 04, 2010

Love seeing Leethecougar 43, Yeah Girl, that's what Im talkin about!!!!!!! This is my first ever fan club too! This man does something to me I can't explain. Whewwwww!!!! Can;t wait to see him again in Dec. in Bmore

On: Sep 29, 2010

I saw Trey in Bmore @Pier Six, Inner Harbo on 8/2710 and it seems like a lifetime since I have seen him even though it;s only been a month. I can't wait to see him again, I got my ticks for Bmore Dec. 8, 10, wouldn't miss it for the world.

Love this Man, hard to put into words

On: Sep 29, 2010
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I live in MD, saw Trey at meet and greet in Baltimore, beautiful man. I work at a hospital and I am a radiologic technologists. Have two daughters 12 and 14. The twelve year old went with me and Trey gave her his shirt, the best concert ever it was a night of memory making.

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