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September 14

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    TREY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 12

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September 11

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  • I bought the membership back in June for the baltimore show, I got my shirt and dog tags but don't we get the PPP album as well when it is released?

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September 9

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  • Is there anyone in the Baltimore area that is interested in going to this event?  I would love to go but no one I know loves Trey  like I do.

    I thought we could hook up and go together.

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  • Hey,

    Trey said on ustrea the other night that he would be picking fans to go to some events with him and the first date he said was 9/11/10.

    Has anyone heard anymore info.

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September 8

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I live in MD, saw Trey at meet and greet in Baltimore, beautiful man. I work at a hospital and I am a radiologic technologists. Have two daughters 12 and 14. The twelve year old went with me and Trey gave her his shirt, the best concert ever it was a night of memory making.
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Thanks, Oh I love Trey and thats for real!

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Girl I love your profile name. Its too much and I see you love you some Trey!

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Oh I'm sorry to hear about you and your husband. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. And you are welcome. I care about all my Angel sisters so when I don't see one of you not being too active here on the boards I get concerned. You take care and I'll talk to you soon. :)

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That`s ok have fun and thanks for replying.

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hi whitesugar i was wondering if u have an extra ticket to the kodak performance plz reply to me soon.Thanks

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Hey whitesugar! Thanks for answering my question! I think the meet n greet should only be for Trey Angels. What do you think? lol

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On 9.13.10 I went ham on twitter and tweeted every r&b and hip hop radio station and dj I could find. I told them to support Trey's new album #passionpainpleasure. Another angel and I did that 9.12 and 9.13 . He saw me going ham and he decided to follow me. Funny thing is, for 5 min I didnt know he followed me until everybody started tweeting me that he's following me so I looked at my followers and damn near passed out! LLS!

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I did let me know if you didn't receive it

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@Whitesugar: can i have you email please because you seem to be a die hard fan like me and i never have anyone to go VIP or anything with but club love yesterday and he coming back on tour with usher and nicki manja in nov.

Also Do you know anyway i could get him to come to my party

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yea i really want to go. but if i can't get tickets i'm not worried because I'm going to see him Saturday. :-)

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Hey treysongsheart21,

to answer your question I met him at Pier Six in Baltimore, when I purchased the tickets there was a VIP option. I bought two tickets one for myself and one for my daughter. We went to the pier early before the show started and we were met by treys people. We eventually were taken to Trey and my daughter and I got our pictures taken with him and was able to meet him. If and when he comes around again I;ll do meet and greet again if available, nothing else will satisfy after that. We had front row seats as well he was incredible beyond words.
Hope this helps.

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how did meet him.

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i live in baltimore and i love trey songz hit me up

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I got the info about the emails on twitter. They said that they are sending emails to everyone who is in the area of the event they are having and the first to reply will be the winners.

There was an email sent out to people who pre-ordered the album and stuff like that but I didn't get it so I'm worried that I won't get this one either. =(

I was trying to ask the treysangels on twittter but they aren't really answering my question. But each event may be different though so I'm not sure.