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I think that it would be good for Trey to sell individual VIP meet and greet tickets at his concerts, it;s really tough when your a mom with two daughters and and only can purchase two or four tickets who gets left out, because I love trey too just as much.

I want to do VIP for Balto., in December but I can;t buy four tickets.

It would be great if you can make this available and I have seen on some of the discussions that others have mentioned this as well.


On: Sep 17, 2010

i got it to work I didn't scroll to the bottom of the page, i was putting password in at usher presale, I was flip flopping between usher, aeg radio presale and angels. I wound up getting tickets through the radio presale actually. There not the greatest but Im going. I was a little upset Trey was not doing a VIP, did you see the prices on Ushers, Cmmooooonn really!!!

On: Sep 16, 2010
On: Sep 15, 2010
On: Sep 15, 2010
Replied To: TREY'S ANGELS IS HERE! (Blog)
On: Sep 14, 2010
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I live in MD, saw Trey at meet and greet in Baltimore, beautiful man. I work at a hospital and I am a radiologic technologists. Have two daughters 12 and 14. The twelve year old went with me and Trey gave her his shirt, the best concert ever it was a night of memory making.

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