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Hey, I was at the meet and greet in Baltimore, I took my 13 year old daughter as well who loves Trey. It is very quick, you go up to him get your picture done, get your hug, say a couple of words and yur out of there. But I would do it again in a heartbeat, he is the best and so sweet. He fussed over my daughter, we had front row seats and he gave his shirt to my girl.
He's the best, whenever I have the opportunity to meet him believe me I will.

His team got in touch with me about five days prior to the show, we had to be there at 6p.m. and the show started at 8p.m. We all me in a designated area and were all taken back together, but you went one at a time in the room and there was only one other person in there with him, the person taking the pics, and there was someone at the door. You picked up all your vip material at the ticket window when you get there. It's all very smooth and organized.
But he is wonderful and very warm.
Hope this was helpful for you.

On: Sep 12, 2010

Here is my twitter from white sugar @whitesugarbaby let me know

On: Sep 10, 2010

I would love to hook up, where are u in Balto. I am in Balto. also and don't know anyone to go with me.
I see people are referring to him adding a show in NY, according to ticketmaster the show added was Friday, 9/17/10 not 9/18/10.
Someone else questioned the concert in Albany, Trey twitter that that was false advertisement he would not be there and it's cancelled on ticketmaster.
But shout me back I would love to go. What does this ticket include.

On: Sep 10, 2010

paid for the angles package when I bought my tickets on ticketmaster back in June, he said on ustream that anyone who purchased through ticketmaster would be included but I haven't heard anything either, I have been an angel since June.

O well I guess i have to stop obssessing about him so much it isn't healthy.

Thanks for the info. let me know if you hear anything else, keep me in the loop.

Where are you located at.


Replied To: Trey's Mobile Roadie App ()
On: Sep 09, 2010

Hey, how did you find this information out about the emails, I thought the picks were suppose to be random, what if your not there to get the email, thats kind of unfair

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On: Sep 09, 2010
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I live in MD, saw Trey at meet and greet in Baltimore, beautiful man. I work at a hospital and I am a radiologic technologists. Have two daughters 12 and 14. The twelve year old went with me and Trey gave her his shirt, the best concert ever it was a night of memory making.

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