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On: Sep 07, 2010
On: Sep 07, 2010

I totally agree with some of the previous comments about meet and greets, I did the one in Baltimore, it was so quick you didn't even realized what really happened until later, unfortunatey when it was my turn I was so nervous I froze, later I was so upset with myself. If I ever have another opportunity, you can bet it won't happen again.

But something that is a little longer and more personal would be so awesome, maybe something intimate where there can be more than one person a very small group.

Love ya Trey, can't wait to see you again, can you give me a shout on twitter (whitesugarbaby)

On: Sep 07, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS BABY! ON BEST MALE R&B ARTIST!!!! You deserve it, all that hard work and perserverance finally paid off for you!

God Bless!

See you in Baltimore on 8/27/10, I have VIP's


On: Jun 28, 2010
Replied To: Last Time (Video)
On: Jun 02, 2010
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I live in MD, saw Trey at meet and greet in Baltimore, beautiful man. I work at a hospital and I am a radiologic technologists. Have two daughters 12 and 14. The twelve year old went with me and Trey gave her his shirt, the best concert ever it was a night of memory making.

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