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I'm a young, educated, black male striving for success in all that I do; encountered a few road blocks along the way, but I'm still here, trying to make my way to the top. I'm 24yrs old, Black, 5'9" SEXY (lol.) Recent graduate of Western Kentucky University (Spring 2009!) My undergraduate degree is in Political Science and Sociology. I will be seeking my graduate degree (starting Spr 2009) in Public Administration & School Administration. After those two degrees, it'll be about 2014, and I'll either plan to get my JD or PhD. I have hopes of becoming a district court judge; preferably for family court! Long term aspirations is to be Governor or Congressmen for my state - so be looking out for me, because I'm going to the TOP no doubt! I got big dreams/goals, and I'm not letting anything get me off track! You got the pix, know a lil bit bout me; anything else, just hit me up and holla at me sumtime?! Charles