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Replied To: Trey Songz - One Love (Video)
On: Jun 16, 2010
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Im a very motivated individual i have very high hopes in dreams about my future. I dedicate my life and hard work to being Successful and getting what i want including my heart TREMAINE NEVERSON one day i will beable to see him in person and i'm gone faint, fall out like micheal jacksons fans used to do. But i will always be the realist person you would ever meet and also the cooliest. I did the prophetcy on my first joint, yaw didn't appreciate, got you all maxed out the second one is out DANGER, SONGZ SONGZ. my favorite track from trey will always be All the IFs. Its still ringing in my ear saying i don't care and i can see it like it just went down you walking out up there I still see them on your face baby so many tears and i'm feeling like i'm bout to explode got to get out of here..... If i hadn't slacked up on my pimpin, you would be here with me..
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