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This was beautiful!! I love reading how much Trey has touched other people it keeps me sane in knowing that I am not the only one that gets soooooo much from his music =]

Replied To: Review From An Angel (Blog)
On: Sep 25, 2012

Ive been out here for 9 months and have yet to find any other VA angels =[ Follow me @univ3rsal_ladi3

Replied To: VA Angels ()
On: Sep 20, 2012

I love this <3 I can't stop reading it! He poured out his heart and signed it Love Tremaine <3

Replied To: From me to you... (Blog)
On: Sep 02, 2012

The Angels looked like they had a blast I can't wait till tuesday!!!!

On: Aug 22, 2012
On: Jan 03, 2012
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Fell in love with Trey's Music back in 2004 when I got sneak peak of Just Gotta Make It in my cousin's studio.. Fell in love with Trey's Smile when I saw the video in 2005.. Fell in love with Trey the Man throughout the years of watching him grow into his craft without losing that initial realness that drew me to him in the first place!! Currently residing in NY One of Treys Angels Follow me @univ3rsal_ladi3!!
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