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Trey baby, i wanna let you know that i am your biggest fan not only because you are extremely beautiful, but i think you're very hard working and dedicated musician. But lets go into detail here so i can win this little contest here and we can do this interview together...
So, we all know that most of your fans are females and damn, you sure know how to get their panties in a mess, especially mine with that perfect face and amazing voice. But i really do think a lot of your success comes from your sincere love for women, which you put through to your music and i have so much respect for that. I think that you being such a mama's boy has to do with that as well. And i think its so cute that you show off your gorgeous mom all the time and bring her as your date because she is great arm candy. I remember see in you with her for the first time and i was all like "whooaaa, umm who is this girl with my trey baby?!" turns out it was just your mom, funny how that is.
But on a real, If we get the chance to do this interview together, you will be very impressed I'm sure. Because i mean, I am your biggest fan and i will be going crazy inside but your girl right here can be professional, we can rock that interview for sure. I mean two beautiful people just having a great conversation thats actually a interview. People will love it. And also just so you know, my birthday is August 16th, so the interview would be a great bday present as well.
Pick Me! You're most beautiful, funny, amazing and talented Angel/ biggest fan for this interview Trey! Legooo! Canada will love this hot duo right here! PROMISE!

On: Aug 09, 2012
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Im a current student of an esthetics program, currently working in a high end spa. I strive to be successful and I'm going forward towards that at a very young age. Theres so much that i want to accomplish in life. I'm funny and outgoing, people love me because i just always see the positive in everything and just want to have a good time.
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Draw, do nails, makeup, ski and snowboard, walk my doggies, be around my family and friends.
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