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Yupp Lol Mz.Songz


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On: Sep 05, 2009

I would open the door because its TREY lol but when I do I would probably pass out of shock but eventually come back to self and hug him so hard but scream and would run to my room to get my digital camera to take pictures with then run in my mama room and tell her to come here and then call my cousin Ladybug and tell what just happen

On: Sep 04, 2009

Wow..You Lucky I Cant Wait To Meet Trey ..N Take Pics N Stuff Just Melt By Looking At Him.. Lol :].. Yuupp!!!!

Replied To: My meeting Trey Experience!!!<3 (Forum topic)
On: Sep 04, 2009

If I met Trey ...I really dont know what would do because Im shy and I dont want to say the wrong thing ..or embrass Im a let him talk then Im a say something later on ..I would blush or pass out ..probably scream cause thats gonna be my first time meeting him :D

On: Sep 04, 2009

Mines would be In The Middle, Grub On ,Store Run Wonderwoman, Missin You, Gotta Make It , Cheat On You , Last Time , First Date Sex, Sticky Face, Yo Side Of The Bed[#1 Fave] , Panty Droppa, Then Successful N Invented Sex

On: Sep 04, 2009
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Yupp Lol Mz.Songz
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Yupp This Ya Girl Icee Class of 2010 Cant Wait Til Trey Come To Dallas For The Concert I LOVE "READY" TO THE FULLEST Yo Side Of The Bed is my Ish :]