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I must agree it is the whole package that makes a woman cream! But his smile sets it off.

On: Aug 04, 2010

Don't quite know if he's everything I want in a man because I don't know all of his good, the bad, and the ugly. But if marriage was solely about sex, then most definitely for that.

On: Aug 03, 2010

I'd probably let him use it, lol.

Replied To: WHAT IF ? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 03, 2010

Excuse me. Let me be specific. His sexual, stimulating lyrics. His love songs are the tip of the iceberg.

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 03, 2010

Would he even come close to having the same swagga is the question. How does he differ from other brothas on the street if you took his fame from him as is? His swagga. Sooo, with that being said, what would his swagga be like as the average Joe on the street? That's hard to answer. Only Tremaine can answer that.

On: Aug 03, 2010
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