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oh n no direspect who evr u r it will be a million yrs b4 i show a stanger any respect

Replied To: Real Talk.... (Forum topic)
On: Aug 11, 2010

im 17 n no my parents did not teach me anythin my moms on crak n my father died in a car accident wen i was 3 n to be truthful music is da only place i feel i can go 2 n i really lik trey songz 4 ur info so u putting dis actually hurt me n another thing i didnt set my self up bcuz i do feel wat ur sayin on a certain level by havin a gurl screamin in his face may turn him off n shid lik dat but im sayin if dey wanna scream den let dem scream n u kno wat else evn if ur rite abt me it seems as if i really dnt give a fuk so now i let u kno a lil sumn abt me n maybe u suld thnk abt wat u say wen it cumz 2 ova discussion topics cuz u nevr kno how its gonna effect da ppl who read it dum ass

Replied To: Real Talk.... (Forum topic)
On: Aug 11, 2010


On: Aug 10, 2010

i wuld smile n say hi

On: Aug 10, 2010
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ima be juss fine usually a happy person aftr all da pain i been thru 4 sisters n 3 brovas thnk wat u wnt abt me i culd really careless pain n love last for a sec but scars last forever
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