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The Receptionist – Starring Trey Songz

“That’s what she says, but it’s not like she was waiting around for a nigga… She told me that she really did want to see me, but she didn’t think Chris would have relayed the message, and even though he did, she for damn sure didn’t think I would come. I told her to be careful what she asks for and she just smiled at my statement. mmm I was thinking… It was hard as shit for me not to let that slip out my mouth when it ran across my mind. I don’t what it is about dimples, but I love that shit on a woman”
“We were actually only a couple feet away from car when she pointed out where she parked, so I walked her the rest of the way. It was clear to me that she still wanted to give me the ass, but I wasn’t finna ask her about it… I knew she would make her move. Patience is key. She had a nice little Porsche though, I didn’t see how she could be driving that due to where she worked, but that wasn’t my business or my concern.”
“Baby unlocked the door with the car remote and reached for the handle, but I grabbed it before she could. She just smirked at me as I held the door for her to get in. I know it wasn’t much, but just cause a nigga was a little drunk don’t mean I’m not a gentleman. Once she got in the car she rolled down the window and was like”
Girl: “get in…”
“I knew I shouldn’t have been in the car with baby girl, but the way she demanded me in like that had me turned on. My conscience was telling me naw, but my dick dragged me right into the passenger seat of shawty car. I don’t know why I was thinking about how comfortable the seats were at that time, but I was, and it smelled like them black ice air freshener jawns. It was right”
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