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  • Trey Songz says there are two sides to him. There's the club-going, "Bottoms Up" version and then there's the mature "Can't Be Friends" Trey. He needed both to make his new album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure, complete.

    "There comes a point in an artist's career where, after you've reached a certain level of success, people are looking for you to bring them the real, bring them something to just connect with," Trey told MTV News about "Can't Be Friends," the second single from his LP. " 'Can't Be Friends' is a record that I feel everyone can relate to at some point or another ... it's going back to classic Trey."

    We caught up with the singer on Tuesday night at the Best Buy Theater in Manhattan, where he and Drake performed as part of the kickoff for the "So Kodak" campaign. Songz said the song selection was deliberate.

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    12/17/10 – Verizon Center – Washington, DC

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  • Tune in to BET TONIGHT at 6pm EST SHARP as Trey celebrates 10 years of 106 & Park with a special performance of "Bottoms Up" and "Say Aah"! Visit for more info on tonight's show, and make sure you tune in at 6pm SHARP to watch! You don't want to miss it!

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  • Trey Songz talks being anti-Euro, an all-rap mixtape and more in an exclusive Q&A with! Get a preview of the interview below, and for the full post visit

    VIBE: From conversations I’ve had, many folks think Pain, Pleasure & Pain might’ve came out too soon after Ready. Do you see why someone would say that?
    Trey Songz: What makes it early?

    There wasn’t really a play hard to get factor to build anticipation.
    That’s not an artist’s concern. I’m here to make money and make my impact on the game as solid as I can. The game is not what it used to be where artists should wait before they put an album out.

    What was the major influence behind doing your fourth album at this time?
    Because I’m here. I’m not here to wait until people think I should put an album out. I wanted to put an album out, immediately. After you put six singles out on an album, how much longer should you wait? You wait for someone else to come and do what you doing and take your spot? No.

    True. Did you feel any pressure to create a Ready 2.0?
    I’m not here to make Ready 13 times. I’m here to make a different album each time.

    What would you say are the primary differences between Passion, Pain & Pleasure and Ready?
    Ready is a more commercial album. It’s more an album that was strategically done for trying to attain a spot for myself. I didn’t have my place in the game before Ready. Ready was the album that did that for me, and it was strategic from the single placement to the songs I sang. I probably wouldn’t record some of those songs had I not needed relevant radio play.

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  • In case you missed it, peep Trey's Q&A session with below!

  • With nicknames like "Mr. Steal Your Girl," which he gave himself, and "Sex Inventor," which we gave him, Trey Songz the musician can often get lost in the shuffle. All nicknames aside, the "Say Aah" is actually a bona fide hitmaker, whether solo or adding infections hooks to songs by artists like Drake, whom he frequently collaborates with.

    In this Buzzworthy Blog video interview, we get to know the man behind the nicknames a little better. Trey talks about his recent, some would say star-making, MTV Unplugged performance. Funnily enough, we share the same highlight--Trey's cover of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody." (Video below)

    Trey goes on to talk about his new album, Passion, Pleasure & Pain, which refers to both the three central emotions that dominate romantic relationships, and he shares the secret to being an artist.

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  • Trey's catching up with his fans by doing an exclusive live video interview on TODAY, Sept. 27, at 4:30pm ET! The R&B hitmaker will be answering your candid questions live from Billboard's New York headquarters. Ask what you want to know by tweeting your questions to @billboarddotcom using hashtag #bblivechat. The stream of the live video chat will appear HERE. Make sure you send in your questions and log on for the LIVE video interview TODAY!



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