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  • Trey Songz bowed his Love Faces Tour on Friday night (2/11) with a steamy, sold-out show in the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Lloyd, playing for the first time with a live band, warmed things up with an uptempo opening set. Whether you were cuffed up or on the prowl, it's hard to imagine there was a better way to kick off a heart-racing Valentine's Day weekend. re-live's the evening's six sexiest moments.

    Trey Twirls A Tender 'Roni'
    Back in 1989, Virginia-born Tremaine Neverson was a 5-year-old army brat, still years from ascending the Billboard charts under the nom de stage Trey Songz. Instead, another crooner known for flashing his granite-hard abs was ruling the airwaves: Bobby Brown.

    The ex-New Edition singer dropped the now-vintage video for "Roni" that year and it featured live-show footage of Brown — shirtless in silky "Hammer" pants and a heavy gold chain — going waist-to-gyrating-waist with a swooning concertgoer. ("I guess this is why I got arrested, hunh?" he jokes to the audience.)

    On Friday, a woman named Simone became the envy of about 5,000 panting women as Songz, channeling the onetime King of R&B, pulled her from the crowd for an onstage dance to "Love Faces." He removed her coat. He caressed her. His lips brushed her neck. Hearts exploded.

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  • While in CA for the OMG Tour stop on Friday, Trey hit up the BEST BUY in Oakland to sign autographs for some lucky fans! Check out Trey with a few Best Buy employees above, and visit the PHOTO section for more pics from the event!

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  • Trey Songz and Drake have come together numerous times to work on hits for both the Virginia native's albums and the Toronto lyricist's mixtapes. But when exactly are the two going to make a joint project together? According to Trey Songz, a collaborative album between the two may not see the light of day anytime soon.

    "Drake had to put his first album out first," Trey Songz explained to MTV News. "Thank Me Later has done amazing, and I'm proud of him for that album. We'll continue to work together and that [collaborative album] may not happen for years. But I think the thing with us, we continue to make music together and we do that organically. We're friends outside of music so making music for us is easy. It's all about when our career paths make the best sense to do that."

    In the meantime, Trey Songz is promoting his recently released Passion, Pleasure & Pain and Drake is putting the final touches on his R&B mixtape, tentatively set for release next month. As a successful R&B singer who also raps, Trey Songz had some advice for his friend Drake, a rapper who also sings, regarding his project. He suggested the "Find Your Love" star keep track of which songs on the project are best to sing live.

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