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  • We've been gone but we're back! It's only right we double up on this week's list because we've been so greatly missed. Below names will or could already be followed on twitter by Trey. TGIF and have a great weekend Angels!



  • Six years ago on this very day, Trey released his debut album “I Gotta Make It”. His evolution since has been remarkable with no sign of slowing down. Tell us your fav track and why? Do you remember where you were, what you were doing and whom you were with when you first heard the album? Video chat, start a discussion and/or tweet.   It’s all about “I Gotta Make it”.... Happy Anniversary Trey!!

    Not familiar with the album, get familiar here now!


  • Below are a few Angels who are making great strides in their academic careers. These young ladies realize that education is the key to making their dreams come true and we’re recognizing them for the difference they’re making in their own lives and in the lives of others. Check out what these Angels have achieved…

    Shaniqua W. - @LyfeLoveMe
    Shaniqua graduated from Hampton University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in May 2011 and is currently enrolled in Liberty University working on a Master's in School Counseling.

    LaToya T.
    LaToya will receive a B.A. in December 2011 from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and a minor in Communications. LaToya's goal is to become a publicist in the entertainment industry and ultimately work for Trey! She's well on her way as she recently landed an internship this summer with BET.

    La'Joya W. - @MZ_JOY_89
    La'Joya currently has a 3.8 GPA at Prairie View A&M University and is on track for graduation in May 2012. She scored two internships this summer. One with Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine and received certification in their Access to Animal-Related Careers Program. The second internship is with the University of Virginia working with veterinarians in the diagnostics lab.

    Shan S. - ms_imlovingme
    Shan graduated on May 6, 2011 with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management.

  • Star Angel Shadwanda R. is the creator/founder of the Trey's Angels Nickname Team, the creator of Academic Achieving Angels (AAA), she manages & recruits "Educating Angels" whose goal is to post scholarship & financial aid assistance on the discussion boards for Angels who are currently in High School or College and is the current Event Coordinator/Volunteer for Angels with Heart. She has worked with fellow Angels in Chicago, Virginia, Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans coordinating and assisting with ideas for AWH missions. Her biggest accomplishment to date was initiating, organizing and carrying out the 2011 Essence AWH Mission with 50 other Angels.

    If you haven’t been acquainted with Shadwanda via twitter, get to know her now!

  • This year at Essence Music Festival, Trey's Angels made history by joining together to pull off a fan initiated Angels With Heart mission. The mission consisted of feeding nearly 300 homeless individuals by providing bag lunches, bottled water, personal hygiene items and clothing. Over 50 Angels traveled to New Orleans, not only to support Trey but to make a difference in the city of New Orleans. These special Angels donated their time and hearts throughout the entire weekend ensuring that the mission was a success.

    Check out their journey......

  • Trey's Angels' presence was abundant and vibrant throughout the entire Essence Music Festival weekend. Trey had a remarkable performance at the festival's finale concert and the AWH mission went off without a hitch (stay tuned for footage & photos). Check out some photos taken with the Angels at Trey's Walmart meet & greet here and below.


    Got a EMF story you'd like to share? Take advantage of our newest feature and let's chat!

  • Connect with fellow Angels with the new Tiny Chat feature! Click HERE then log in to Facebook or Twitter and start chatting!  You will never know when Trey or somebody from Team Songz will pop in to chat.... get started!


  • If you're heaed to NOLA for this weekend's Essence Music Festival, members of Trey's Angels will be conducting a AWH mission on Sunday July 3rd 10am - 12pm at the New Orleans Mission located at 1130 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd New Orleans, LA 70113.

    As we know Trey will be hitting the EMF main stage on Sunday July 3rd. Feel free to sport your offical Trey's Angels apparel to the show and identify yourself with other members of Trey's Angels. Waiting for the perfect place to rock your exposed fashion tank? This is it!

    Yes , Trey will be looking for his Angels in the stands and you never know what might happen so let's no disappoint.

    Tell a friend to tell a friend....all weekend long Trey's Angels memberships are going for just $20 by using coupon code TAsummer at checkout!

    Hanging in NOLA with a friend who isnt an Angel? Swing by Carol's Daughter located at 309 Chartres St New Orleans LA on Sunday July 3rd and get that woman a $20 membership. As for yourself, love being an Angel and ready to re-new? Why not take advatage!? Re-new now for $20 and extend your current membership for an additional year.







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