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  • Trey’s getting in the groove of the OMG Tour in Australia and in true Trey Songz fashion, it’s all about the ladies.   Below, Trey makes a Melbourne fan a very happy woman. Angels, for your viewing pleasure....

    Aussie Angels, any recent run-ins with Trey?

  • This month’s Angel has definitely earned her star for going above and beyond in promoting Trey Songz. Janice R. has been helping promote Trey "since the Trey Day era” and has not seemed to have slowed down since. Janice has designed graphic banners for Angels with Heart, “Love Faces”, “Bottoms Up” and Angel Talk Radio to name a few. She created the back cover for #lemmeholdatbeat and helped get the word out about Trey’s recent UK Takeover. For all your graphic needs, hit Janice on twitter @jniceLOVE. Also, feel free to share Janice’s banners promoting Trey’s Angels along with the "Love Faces" 106 & Park video request banner.

    Last but not least, check out below fan appreciation video that Janice and friend/ fellow Angel @TheReblliousONE put together.

  • Angels, this is your last chance to complete the Trey’s Angels survey and let your voice be heard. Our objection is to make Trey’s Angels the best experience possible but we’ll need to hear from you. If you’ve already completed the survey, thank you. If you haven’t, quit procrastinating and do so NOW! You have until 5PM EST Tomorrow, Tuesday March 22nd.

  • We’ve doubled up on our list for this week’s edition of Follow Friday. Below are the 20 Angels who made the cut. Every Friday, 10 fan club members are randomly chosen to get a twitter follow from @treysongz. Next week could be you!
    Congrats Angels!



  • Trey sat down with FaceCulture to discuss being raised in the military and the effects of constantly moving as a child, his favorite artists, growing musically and much more. Check out the three part interview below.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

  • While in the UK Trey gave a few of our international Angels their 1st Trey experience. Here's what and how it all went down:

    SabrinaYuuup_x and @EmillyYuuuP
    “I remember staring at him and watching the words "I can see you right there with your angel wings and your I love Trey poster," come out his mouth while he pointed at me, I have never experienced anything so surreal in my life!”

    “He is a true gentleman who values his fans, which he made personally apparent to me. He gives great hugs which was unforgettable and will remain with me for a long time to come. I came away feeling Trey to be a humble, genuine man, full of grace, expressing a great love for his fans. He truly does take time out for his angels, which is a gift. “

    “My experience meeting Trey was a very pleasantly unexpected encounter. I found him to be very humble in character and genuinely appreciative of the love he receives from his UK fans. We were all appreciative of the time Trey took to make the experience a memorable one and for that, he will always reside in the hearts of all his fans.”

  • With yesterday marking our six month anniversary since the launch of Trey’s Angels, we feel it’s the perfect time to hear from YOU! Has Trey’s Angels lived up to your expectations? In what ways do you benefit from being an Angel?  Please take a moment to complete THIS survey on your experience as a member of Trey’s Angels. Our goal is and will always be to better serve you.

    Take the survey NOW and get a free Trey Songz Poster (while supplies last). To qualify for the poster you must enter the email address on file with your account when prompted.

  • On this very day just six short months ago, Trey’s Angels was born! Because of you, this “fam club” has achieved many great things, specifically through our Angels with Heart initiatives. The first six months were incredible and we’re looking forward to the next six and beyond. On behalf of the entire Team Trey Songz and Team Trey’s Angels we thank each and every member for your support.

    Happy Anniversary Angels!



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