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  • Experience Passion, Pain & Pleasure like never before! Get up close and personal with Trey in a complete three part flip book of never before seen Trey Songz photos, exclusive to members of Trey’s Angels. Click HERE to begin. The Pleasure is all ours!

  • Angels Tyesha and Glinelda were selected at random to cover the exclusive So Kodak event last week in NYC. They went beyond the velvet rope to capture Trey on the red carpet, performing live, and even in his dressing room with the new Kodak Easy Share cameras! Check out some exclusive photos taken by Glinelda and Tyesha here, along with footage of them kicking it with Trey here.


  • Angels, Shanae and Kathleen were recently sent on an Angel Assignment as they both had the opportunity to ‘Shadow Trey for the Day’. Both accompanied Trey on interviews and even went on a lunch date with him.  Click here to view their photos and check out their recaps of the day below.

    Hey Angels!!! It was my duty to report back to you all about my day with Trey. I must start off by saying it was very enjoyable and fun. When I arrived to my first destination, I met the other angel, Shanae. We were greeted by Sydney and Jason from Atlantic Records. Then, shortly after, they took us to where Trey was going to have his first interview. When we got there we met some more people from his team and then a few minutes after we met Trey and he came over with his cute smile and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek :-) then he asked us how we were doing. After this he got ready for his first interview. We actually were able to stay and watch the whole interview and took pictures of trey and ourselves for our document of the day. When this interview ended we got ready to leave to get to our next destination which was Billboard studios. When we stepped outside we had a driver waiting to accompany us to our next destination.
    As soon as we arrived, there were some fans outside; I guess they knew Trey was going to be there and he was nice enough to take some pictures with them. We went to pick up our tags at the front desk before we went up to the studio. Trey is such a gentleman, as we were getting in the elevator; he held the door and let us Angels go in first, which was so sweet. Now, we’re upstairs and were greeted by the people that work for Billboard Magazine. After this, Trey gets ready for his next interview and right before his interview the people at Billboard took some pictures of Trey and we did the same as well. Then it was time for the interview which I hope you all were watching. In case you missed it you can still catch it on their website. Right after this interview we took some more pictures with trey. After that Trey was hungry and he took Shanae and I out to eat; this was our lunch date :-). We arrived at the restaurant he chose, once again Trey is a true gentleman and holds the door for us ladies (aww he's so sweet). When we get to our table Trey sat right in between Shanae and I which I thought was nice of him.
    We ordered our food and boy Trey can eat! lol. This was our time with him and he is such a jokester lol. He likes to make you laugh and have fun. When it is time for work he works but when he has down time Trey is so laid back. He is such a humble, caring, sweet gentleman. He is not all about sex all the time like the media says he is. If I had another opportunity like this to kick it with Trey again I would do it in a heartbeat. Trey, I just want to say keep up the great work. I support you 110% no matter what. You’re such an amazing and fun person to be around. Until next time, Trey, love you and I hope you enjoyed and had as much fun as I did :-).
    - Kathleen



    Upon arrival, we were met by Sydney from Atlantic Records and taken to meet Jamie from Sister 2 Sister Magazine! She asked us questions about how we became members of the fan club and we were briefed on the events for the day. We were introduced to Jason, also of Atlantic Records, and he took us downstairs to meet Trey!! Once downstairs we were given our cameras and explanations of what our mission was. And then I heard a familiar voice. It was Trey on his phone!!!!! He comes out and gives us both hugs and kisses on our cheeks. And that man is finer in person than he is on TV. He then began his 1st interview. As he spoke to Jamie about everything from childhood to Toni Braxton, I was snapping pictures.
    When that interview ended we headed to Billboard for Trey to do the live Q & A. Once inside we awaited passes to go upstairs and Trey shared skittles with me and Kathleen. I know… awww. He was such a gentleman as he held the elevator door for us. Upstairs Trey took pictures for Billboard and so I took pics for you guys. And did he look great!!! While taking pictures of Trey, disaster struck!!!!! My camera DIED!!! I was devastated. We had to keep going so we watched as he did the Q & A, and we joked and laughed as Trey yelled and sang things loud out of nowhere. Lol. He really is a goof ball Angels and a sweetheart.
    We were told that the last interview had been canceled so we went to eat. The whole time we were eating, he sang and I took that opportunity to ask questions! I asked everything I could think of. We cracked jokes on each other, he sang as the people in the restaurant looked at us like we were crazy. He took pics with Kathleen’s camera, threw potatoes at his bodyguards, and followed me and Eileene on twitter! It was time for us to say our goodbyes and we were all a little sad. We took more pics and he hugged and then he was gone. Our day had ended. I am grateful for this opportunity. I don’t win anything and I won this opportunity to spend the day with my favorite person. Priceless. There is so much more to say but I can go on for years talking about Trey. So, my Angel Mission is complete. I love you Trey!! Thanks for an amazing day that I will never forget.
    - Shanae

    Trey answers more fan questions with today’s q's coming from Coya of Tennessee and Amy from Canada. Find out what Trey’s reply to Coya’s question is HERE and his reply to Amy’s question HERE. More on the way!

  • Happy Columbus Day! We’re back with another edition of Trey’s Fav 5 and today we’re checking out Trey’s five favorite rappers. Drum roll please….



    Notorious B.I.G.
    Tupac Shakur
    Young Jeezy

  • Below are the lucky Angels who will now be followed on Twitter by @treysongz. Don’t forget, each and every Friday, 10 Angels will be randomly chosen.



  • Yesterday's Rocawear in Store at Macy's Herald Square was a huge success! Check out these photos of some of the Angels that came out and got their Passion, Pain & Pleasure CD signed by Trey!

    Click HERE to see the rest of the photos.


  • Angels – Presale tickets for the OMG tour at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC go on sale TOMORROW Thursday, October, 7th at 10AM local venue time. Presale tickets will be available on a limited, first come, first served basis by accessing the below link with the fan club password noted below. The general public on-sale is Friday October 8th at 10AM local venue time.

    Password: ANGEL

    12/17/10 – Verizon Center – Washington, DC (Click HERE to purchase)

    Should the pre-sale tickets for this date sell-out through Ticketmaster, please do not call Trey’s Angels -- we do not have control over the amount of tickets available. You will still be able to purchase tickets on the general on-sale date, please refer to Ticketmaster for further information.



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