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Drake's HYFR Video


  • Drake's HYFR Video
    Apr 9, 2012

    Spot the cameo from Trey in Drake's new "HYFR" video Feat. Lil Wayne!
Webcrew's picture
on Apr 9, 2012 - 10:44AM


TayCanHandleTS's picture

Damn Trey down that patron like it was nothin... He so sexy ;)

Prue20's picture

awwwwh but TREEEEYYY (^^,) *imagines herself getting choc wasted with him* DAYUM <333 that's #HEARTATTACK right THURR hehe

Carmelcuttie38's picture

I see that Trey loves PatRon too....I see you baby!!!:)

5_StarShey's picture

Did Trey just take the Patron to the face like that? Wow Weird video though

MsSweetSkittleAngel's picture

This video is sum I don't like it but trey look cute

SagiTopaz's picture

Trey Songz looked very nice and hansome as usual. Go Trey!!!

MarkitaLovesTrey's picture

Trey didn't even have to lookk up i knew it was him off top!

calicourtny's picture

Only a little bit of Trey but a whole lot of sexy!

Trey&#039;s P.Y.T.'s picture

him in that purple suit is EVERYTHINGGGG!

Linz84's picture

Wow there is a lot of guess apperance on this video! Wow look at Trey!!! Trey I see you :-)

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