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Fans Call In & Interview Trey!

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on August 19, 2009 - 4:48pm

Tune in tomorrow to where Trey will answer questions from his fans! Fun starts TOMORROW at 6 pm EST, so make sure to hit up Trey at (804) 335-0051. READY in stores and online everywhere September 1st, pre-order now!

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LOVE♥♥'s picture

you so sexy trey i love youuuuuuu
TreyMochaBri's picture

Iiii Just Wanna Say Th@ I Was On Hold 4 An Hr. But It Was Worth The Anticipation N Excitement! Maybe Next Time. ;o) Yuuup!
Ms.Songz4eva's picture

im really loving this pic
_Da Baddest_Mrs.Songz's picture

i love this so mad cuz i alomost got through but then my phone was actrin dumb...I STILL LOVE YU BOOO!!!!!!
KiaraLovesTrey's picture

I called and was on hold for an entire hour :-( but it's ok. I know I'll talk to him soon!
NewRain21's picture

ima def be calln tonite. can't wait. i coudnt get through last time. but hopefully tnite will be the nite. bong!
LeeLee_8's picture

omg i wish i had the courage to call you ! lol..i would just freeze, but imma try to keep it cool,
''WONDER WOMAN'''s picture

Goodgurl25's picture

i will be calling in today to talk to my baby lol :)
Jahprincess's picture

I can't help but wait ;-)
Sydream1's picture

stay blessed continue to prosper and do that grown man thing your doing, cuz i love it
Diva Style's picture

I will make sure I call and can't wait till you come to detroit............
SellieSellz's picture

Im Going to miss it :-( ill be at work.. hopefully they'll be another chance for this, but I love to see how much u love your fans.. SEPT 1st we'll prove how much we love you and appreciate you.. READY babyy
msboo37's picture

stay strong trey!
TabStarr's picture

I will def. be calling you. I have so much to ask you!
Vanessa_38's picture

Ima Try My Hardest To Get Thru!!Keep Going Hard Trey Nessa Loves You!!&&GODS Always With You My prayers Are Sent!Alwayss.
Nikki_65's picture

omg he iz juss soooooo dam sexy!! lol :)


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