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A Fan's Love [Video]


  • A Fan's Love [Video]
    Mar 22, 2012

    Filmed on Trey's recent 'Anticipation 2our' - you all showed your love for Trey...

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on Mar 22, 2012 - 02:14PM


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Trey Songz, you are an amazin' person! I love the end where's he's dancing! Love him!

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Nicely done. Trey me and your other fans truly love you for your music and the man that you are. May God continue to smile upon you!!

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We love you Trey!! from the bottom of our hearts & that's real talk!!!


S/O 2 Clevis Harrison for filming and putting this video together... #TeamSongz allday


I remember that day with the little girl 3-9-12 New Orleans.. i sung happy birthday to her. she's 9 yrs old and a treys angel from new orlens, la.. she went in right after me.. she was the last person to do m&g with trey.. it was soooo cute she cried so hard when she came out the rm. the things trey do.. Such a kind-hearted gentleman and humble spirit.. I love u for that Tremaine BLESSINGS!!!!

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Trey you are the best! loved this video. lol

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Absolutely and Positively Amazing!!! I've always been a fan for many years and after finally meeting him in Nashville I was very impressed at how sincere he is, but seeing this video and the part with the little girl has absolutely touched my heart!!! Words can't describe the whole new level of respect. Who can't love this guy? Nobody else comes close. Beautiful inside & out...Enough said.

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And THIS is why I love him so!!!!! ^_^

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Aww this is a cute fan video. I love the part with the little girl! She was cute and he was so sweet and cute with her. It shows the great person that he is! <3

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This is tha Cutest Video ever im soo happy for my baby trey songz he is so blessed his career is shining i pray god continue to bless him with more and more success he deserve it all tha part tha was cute was when tha lil girl as crying awwww she soo cute <3

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OMG, I was there! And I almost jumped out of my row to get to Trey! LOL, I am in LOVE with him! He was truly amazing on Tour and I can't wait until his next one. I love this video because it really shows us, his fans, who he is. He really spent time in Chicago, pointing out all his angels and fans who did posters and crazy angel wings for him! LOL, it was great!

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That was the most beautiful video I've ever seen especially with the little girl that was crying. That right there just made know that Trey Songz is an awesome person who cares for the people.

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I can't stop watchn this video he has so much love for his ppl even down to the kids

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I love it!

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trey is Amazing...I love him to pieces!!

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my FAV !!! love him for this!

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The little girl almost made me cry awwwwwww trey I love the video well done

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That was beautiful I love this man. He is so beautiful he alway make me smile, he has so much love for his fans. Love you Trey Realtalk.

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I love you 5eva! <3

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This Video just made me smile so hard. It was so cute. Trey is the sweetest person in the world. :)

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This is the cutest video :) Being able to attend Anticipation 2our was an amazing experience. Thank you Trey. Love you :)

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can you make a video like this when he comes to the UK lol i really want another tour now

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omg that little girl!!!!!! I love Trey

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Awww this video made me Smile and Cry that little girl was crying so hard im happy for her:) aww this is whyy iLOVE him he LOVES his fans(:

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I love this video. Him with that little girl almost made me cry lol

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He loves his fans as much as they love him! Thanks Trey!