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"Free Giveaway Friday" Winner Selected!

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on March 18, 2010 - 4:29pm

Congrats to member missquita718 for winning the "Yuuup!" t-shirt in last week's "Free Friday Giveaway"! Make sure you log back on to TOMORROW for the next "Free Friday Giveaway"! And, you can always check out Trey's Official Online Store for all of the giveaway swag, to get your official Trey merch now! Yuuup!

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marie_35's picture

who won on friday
mocha_8's picture

missquita718's picture

thanks to all of those who are congradulating me. i really appreciate it. this was actually my first time entering the free giveaway. I hope you all win. good luck and thanks.
MiZ NeVeRsOn's picture

Trey songz is my husband an no matter wat im goin 2 b ther 4 hym. An if ther any hoez dat want 2 jump do it then cuz im waitdn 4 u 2 Bt conradulationz boo luv u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lady virtue's picture

Congrats God bless
TreyAngel_Dasha Valresa's picture

Pinup's picture

Congrats hun!! muah
@MsMsWest's picture

REAL TALK ME TOO!!! Back when he was doing his Thursday Treyoake on SayNow I practiced that song sooo tough & it was the 1st song on the album that i attempted to memorize ALL the words!!! I can't get ENOUGH of ONE LOVE!!! Congrats on the win btw
bre3's picture

dat g00d bt still wnt 2 win one
charity24's picture

Congrats I wish it was me but I'm not hatein Good 4 you
Onyxlibra7's picture

iluv00711's picture

I'm glad she won because i read he rcomment and it was reasonable...cuz let me tell u i hate when girls only refer to the sexual songs i mean yea those songs are great...any body could talk about the sexual part of sure there is more to trey than just lick u here fuck u there...i mean c'mon
Shleyroqz's picture

Congrads Missquita78! Hope Im The Next Winner...
lady virtue's picture

God bless you. You are always a winner because God is for you. Keep growing closer to him, letting him use you for his glory and to inspire others. I love ya God loves you Jesus loves you. Keep shining and thanks for all you do for your fans.


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