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Free NYE Concert Stream on!


  • Free NYE Concert Stream on!
    Dec 30, 2012

    NYE we streaming live on  at 10:30 CST!!!! #CHAPTERVTOUR

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on Dec 30, 2012 - 01:58PM


mrshaynes_1's picture

I was so mad I just stop watching. Couldn't even enjoy it.

Choclt D's picture

The Xumanii website is got to be the worst ever. It never works, and Trey fans always misses out. I really wish he would sell the DVD of his concerts on his website. I've seen him twice this year in concert, and I just can't get enough of his magnificent performances.

kandiegurl81's picture

Yeah I know. I even cussed out Xumanii on twitter I was so mad. Trey should put his concerts on DVD, that would be awesome. That nobody misses nothing.'s picture

I got to see the end!!!! That site sucks need a new one!!! They've tried and failed twice.

efreeman_20's picture

Although I missed majority of the livestream, I was able to see the countdown and bring in the new year with my distant lover TREY SONGZ!!!!!!!

tsongz1angel's picture

It's official. Xumanii is the worst ever. Tru Angels can't even see Trey perform because of your website and low video quality. Ugh -_-'s picture

why does it never work!!!! it's a conspiracy I say!!!! He won't come to Pittsburgh now the only way I get to see him never works!!!!!

Tammi C.'s picture

It's been an hour now...Happy New Year everyone! Going to call it a night.

Mrs.TremaineAldonNeverson2010's picture

Im getting mad. It keeps buffering! -__-

SagiTopaz's picture

Yeah Im having the same problem too it just keeps buffering......

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keeps buffering dont know if anyone else have that problem

Tammi C.'s picture

Is it working for anyone yet, cuz I don't see anything happening yet.



Shemika82's picture

Patiently waiting to see my man perform tonight. But I'm anxious as hell tho!!!!!!!

Tonya626's picture

I am so ready for this!