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"Fumble" Official Video Premiere!


  • "Fumble" Official Video Premiere!
    Mar 11, 2013

    The highly anticipated video for Trey Songz’s “Fumble” officially premiered today on Head to to HERE for the official new video, directed by Manuel Concha.

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on Mar 11, 2013 - 04:09PM

The highly anticipated video for Trey Songz’s “Fumble” officially premiered today on Head to to HERE for the official new video, directed by Manuel Concha.


sabrina_dawkins's picture

Omg made me so emotional- this video is touching! Trey Always does it well!

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

luvin the song and the video!!!

Linz84's picture

Good Job Trey!!!! Love the video!!!

_herrrloveee's picture

Absolutely love it♡

ritayvette31's picture

This song always makes me wanna cry to being with, but then you add this very emotional video and the letter and boom! Turn on the water works, that letter nearly broke my heart, but I feel you and every word that you said. It makes me love this song even more. Great job Trey

babbygaril's picture

the more i watch this viedo the more emotional i get. from the letter you wrote to the lyrics you song. it is my favorite song i listen to it every morning on the way to school and now since the video came out for the past two days i been watching it... i loved it trey

Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

AMAZING video! such emotion n so real. Not too much or too little just enough LOVED IT! Each concept gets better and better. You can't help but feel everything this song embodies one of my faves from the album and the tour! Thanks for always being so honest Trey!'s picture

This video showed so much passion in different ways!! Trey's passion for his fans and the love he has for performing and traveling the world to make millions happy! Also the passion and the emotion he put into singing this song. Trey you are absolutely wonderful and I can't emphasize enough how happy you make us all!! You can do no wrong in my eyes. You have a lifetime supporter here forever!!! Loving you to pieces Trey!!

SpiritualAngel's picture

Thank you Trey you are such a wonderful and talent man, you share a piece of yourself with us again and wow. You are so Amazing you are a inspiration to so many people including myself, I have so much respect for who you are and what you do. May God continue to Elevate you Higher and Higher. I love the Video had red puffy eyes on my way to work watch it on my way to work, don't know many times I done watch it. Thank you Thank you for sharing apart of yourself again with us.

Camrae's picture

Thank you Trey for sharing a Lil piece of your heart. FUMBLE video is amazing!!! This was sooo worth the wait!!! Didn't think it was possible to love you more but I do!! ❤'s picture

Yes, I'm so excited to have seen this video. I've been watching it off and on all day at work today. Great emotion felt not just through the song but the video too. And did I see tears in Trey's eyes? Lawd, that did it for me.

SagiTopaz's picture

Trey Songz wow....very beautiful video I couldn't wait to see the this now I have and its sexy and touching

treylover22's picture

I LOVED IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!! You did a wonderful job baby, keep it up. Im bout to watch this everyday!!! <3

TreysAngelBria's picture

Trey, as always you never seem to disappoint. You are inspiration to many and I love you for that... Watched it four times!!!!

TreysBooAngel's picture

I totally watched it! Loved it!