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Get the Trey Songz 2011 Poster Calendar!

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on February 8, 2011 - 3:10pm

Make everyday a Trey day with the official 2011 Trey Songz Poster Calendar! Trey decided to bring it into the store due to Angel's requests, and this exclusive calendar features 12 sexy photos of Trey for each month of the year (the same photos from the sold-out 2011 calendar)! Click HERE to get the 2011 Poster Calendar now!

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BillyASmith_2's picture

I am so excited I had to order one, I cannot wait until mine come in the mail. Yea!!!
babidollface1's picture

They tried... !
ReeReeSongz's picture

Ima Deff Buy Dis...Still Wud Like The 12 pages 1 but u i aiint complainin still get to have ur sexiness on my wall x
OhSoLuhvlee's picture

I want the other calender. I'm glad that they actually listened to us and got more calenders. It's just that I want the calender with 12 pages. Not a poster calender. Maybe next year.
s_bohenek's picture

Ordered mines but I still want the full one!!!
Yonnie3000's picture

Yeah, I'mma buy this... but I REALLY still want the full calendar ;(
WhitneyDesiree''s picture

Iam definitely getting this!!!!!
phyllis_2's picture

just order my trey calendar omg what a sexii young man
TREYSPPP's picture

wish they used some other / nevr before seen pictures .. but its cool bc yor still one sexy guy trey!!
TREYSPPP's picture

looooove this!!!!. i jus purchased mines !!! mad i missed out on the other one..i waited too long 8'(
TreyAngel_Dasha Valresa's picture

I love this! I got the calendar for Christmas I just want this. For fun ! :) ily Trey :)
Freckles 2 Cute's picture

OMG...I luv u soooooo much, and i will def be gettin one of will go great beside my 2011 Trey Calender.... :-)
D3oDr33's picture

I love you trey, and I'm getting one of these!!!!!!
TreyDee's picture

Yes.. I am soo happy you guys brought it back.. Getting mine ASAP!!! Trey All Day!!! Oh Yessssss!!!
TreysInspiration's picture

Very nice.. thanks to Trey he just love his Angels we stay spoiled... We R lucky to be a part of the best Fanclub around... #YUUUP.. BEELEE-DAT
Gladys_2's picture

love you ? !!! my favorite day is "yo B-Day" !!!! ^__^ aww
ruizbuddafly's picture

Erica48's picture

this is to sexy : )
Diva4Life's picture

Please bring back the Full 2011 Calendar. Please Please Please...
CutTiGurl609's picture

Yay Angels great job! Thanks Trey and Angels team.
tamara_bostic's picture

MissMonshe's picture

aww man i wanted the book! but this will have to do! -pulls out debit card- ! lol
babygurl_na_10's picture

omq SEXY as eva! uqh 2bad i dont hav credit card =(


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