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  • Jun 28, 2012

    The BET Awards have picked one key milestone of Trey's career and planted it in their BET AWARDS Facebook Timeline. "Like" this milestone to vote for Trey:

    Keep it locked onto for the final FANdemonium challenge tomorrow!

  • Jun 27, 2012

    Head over to the BET Awards Google+ page at http://bet/us/gplusBETA and add them to your circles. From there, it’s meme time! Add/upload a photo of Trey, add text to make a meme, then upload it to your Google+ stream, making sure to hashtag it with #TreyMeme. BET will count the number of uploads with each hashtag to see who wins!

    Not on Google+? Sign up here:

    Steps to create a MEME on G+

    1.) Log on to your Google+ Profile and go to "Home."
    2.) Go to "Share What's New” and then click on "Add Photos" (Camera Icon).
    3.) Add/upload photo from desktop.
    4.) Under the photo click "Add Text" and make your meme! When done, click save.
    5.) Your photo may appear in stream without text (trust us, the text is there).
    6.) Add TreyMeme in the box above the photo.
    7.) Below the photo, be sure “+Public” appears or click on “+Add More People” and select "Public."
    8.) Click "Share."

  • Jun 27, 2012

    As part of iTunes's "Great Hip-Hop and R&B" series, Trey's READY album is on sale for $7.99 now until July 3rd!

    Click HERE to cop it now on iTunes.


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