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"I Invented Sex" Live @ MTVU's Spring Break [Video]

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on March 22, 2010 - 2:26pm

Trey Songz schools the crowd at MTVU's Spring Break 2010 with "I Invented Sex". Peep the clip above!

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shugalipz's picture

tre know he lookn tooo dam good; for his own good! LOL
charity24's picture

I loved it You look good Trey I don't like your hair so low But your sexy eaither way it don't matter Loved it Wish I was there but they was in the way throwing those balls at your face
MusikHunny's picture

Ha!! Them balls almost hit Trey in the face!!! (Pause) But he looked like he had fun!!! Go Trey!!!
Diva.Fashionista's picture

u loooook sooooooooooo goooooooooood yum yum. wish i was there on spring break.
LANAY_2's picture

Trey'sLady_3's picture

new hair cut looks damn sexy !! trey you look super sexy ! I LOve You
Yuuup_2_2's picture

i love it he's lookin cute as usual
Nickyg's picture

Luv it! I see u been workin out them arms...luv it! Mwuah! xoxo
TREYed UP's picture

love it Trey
ebony_24's picture

i loved it as always :)
Nicole_82's picture

I luv'd it
supamodel's picture

so gorgeous... such a dresser. i love ur stylist
kiwivsempire's picture

luv it
Onyxlibra7's picture

I liked ur outfit...cute =)
YVETTE22's picture

Go sexy man, you always show out, I hope after you get some rest, you headline a tour and come close to Alabama. I'll be there front row. Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!! Love you Trey!
Wizkidification's picture

Trey is looking good--as usual.
MySongz_2's picture

Awww look at u, i see u cut yo hair down a lil lower still cute, and im glad didnt nobody hit u wit 1 of them balls i wuda had to b out there on sum other s*&# lol. good performance tho



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