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Join The Angel Network!


  • Join The Angel Network!
    Nov 17, 2012

    Watch a special message from Trey in the clip above! Join The Angel Network - Trey's very own social network, created just for you! Click HERE to get started and join now for free for a limited time, in honor of Angels with Heart month.

Webcrew's picture
on Nov 17, 2012 - 04:00PM

Watch a special message from Trey in the clip above! Join The Angel Network - Trey's very own social network, created just for you! Click HERE to get started and join now for free for a limited time, in honor of Angels with Heart month.


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N24H's picture

Trigga Reloaded!!!!

LeahK's picture

Mr Neverson :)

JadeSelina25's picture

I been here Trigga, luvs luvs NolaRose/NolaLove"Trigga"

CELLE's picture

I have not been on here like forever... mostly on TAN ;-) need to do some shopping.. though!

tatertot_3's picture

Lovin the app too So crayzyyy in luv with trey!

charity24's picture

Im having a hard time as well geting to app and its driveing me crazy smh

Marie40's picture

I love the app still need to talk to you

marsh's picture

lol at @sexyface21. I totally agree girl, let em' know.

Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

I'm loving the app it's dope way to communicate with other angels n trey and also raise money for AWH ... my only issue is no verification for REAL angels anyone can log on to it ... hence all the xtra thirst on there. maybe should connect it to our angel accts some way???? but thanks for always spoiling us Trey n TeamSongz :)

TreysBooAngel's picture

I need to get an iphone. Also it said free for a limited time. Does that mean that being a Trey's Angel will go up or after this month non angel will just be booted off?

DtownCougar's picture


donnapettus's picture

I brought it...but it wont open...only getting a white screen.. ;(.......Pls fix Mr. Neverson...

MsAshleyBabii's picture

The issue is due to slow network connection. Wifi it will load faster. I had this same problem.'s picture

This is only for Trey's angels hence the name of the network. If you are not an angel you cannot i repeat cannot get this app. Its only for us angels to have and connect with other angels and with trey as well while at the same time giving back. So recognize this is not for everyone its only for Trey's angels onlyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did not create this for his non angel fans its only for Trey's angels fair is fair so if you want to get this app then i suggest you become a trey angel first and make sure its for the right reasons not because we now have our own social network app. We rep trey hard all day and every day and this is just the rewards we get by doing our jobs as angels. So all you fans that wanna jump on the trey angel band wagon now dont do it because its for his real angels not the fake attention seeking angels okay.

princesstangles's picture

i have 5time to get app not let me i have blackberry so i cant get it unhappy now ? and goodle stil let me aww

TreysNewestAngel1's picture

I have a blackberry as well and it won't allow me either!'s picture

I think that if you have an ipad download the app on there thats what i did.'s picture

I got the app just waiting for trey to reply to my message i am so happy about this see angels he loves us so much and all yall fake angels dont try to join now because of this new network to get exclusive access to trey no way stay away only for the real trey''s angels.

startrotman's picture

Love the album's picture

I have downloaded the app. And have been playing around the site since it launched. Look me up LovelyThang80! :-)

CFlame's picture

Mmm, that good ole ustream feeling..♥ Wonderful idea!! Gon join soon as poss! I'm sure it will be informative, fun & interesting.. ;-)

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