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LIVE Webchat with Trey TONIGHT, 11/9!

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  • LIVE Webchat with Trey TONIGHT, 11/9!

    Log on right HERE to TONIGHT at 7pm PST/10pm EST and join Trey for a live webchat as he gets ready to launch the OMG Tour! RSVP for the chat HERE and make sure you leave your questions for Trey in the comment section below! The OMG Tour with Usher and Miguel kicks off Weds. Nov 10 in Seattle, and make sure you head over to the 'Tours' section for all of the OMG Tour Dates and ticket links!

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on November 8, 2010 - 7:00pm

Log on right HERE to TONIGHT at 7pm PST/10pm EST and join Trey for a live webchat as he gets ready to launch the OMG Tour! RSVP for the chat HERE and make sure you leave your questions for Trey in the comment section below! The OMG Tour with Usher and Miguel kicks off Weds. Nov 10 in Seattle, and make sure you head over to the 'Tours' section for all of the OMG Tour Dates and ticket links!

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TLynLo's picture

Hey Mr. Songz :) Question ... December 31, 2009 @ 11;59:59 while reflecting on 2009 and believing on what 2010 would bring you, did YOU ever envision for yourself: 1. A highly rated and most watched cable reality/documentary series on BET. 2. THREE high profile, sold out, phenomenal tours in the SAME CALENDAR YEAR! *Looking forward to seeing you in the DMV Dec 17th and Miami Dec 31st :) Stay strong, voice healthy, BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVORED, TLynLo Producer, CNN Capitol Hill
jonzey_trey_2012's picture

hey trey :) 3 questions ; 1 - can you ustream more often ? ik youre busy but its a great way to connect to fans and we appreciate it - especially when you sing for us :) 2 - can you never disappear on twitter again ? ( you were missed in my timeline) 3 - I miss your face on BET ; ever consider doing another show again ? because we know the views love ya and i'd for sure love to watch every episode w/ my bestfriends xoxo - janelle
trina_11's picture

mr trey trigga tremaine
Lashawnda_3's picture

Can wait miss trey on Usteam
Diandra_M's picture

What city are you looking forward to performing in on the OMG Tour?
Natasha Dixon's picture

Hi,Trey, First off I hope all is well and you are in good health and spirit. I recently had the opportunity to meet you at your In Store Rocawear Appearance at Macy's Herald Square. It was such an honor & privelage!!!!!!! My question to you is: How does it feel to be this mega-superstar and simple things such as going to the store or supermarket etc......... has to always be accompanied by a bodyguard? Secondly, at what point in your career will you consider dating? If it is not too much, since we are both sagittarians, can you post me a birthday comment on my FB page? My birthday is Nov 23rd I will be 28yrs old( getting old)!!!!!!! You can find me under my name Natasha Sheryl Dixon. Take Care, Tasha
thatgirluwannbe's picture

my name is jackie
thatgirluwannbe's picture

I have been waiting to see you first question is can you please follow me @ thatgirl_u_evny. 2 can you wish me a happy birthday it was on Nov. 1....and 3 when are you coming back to cleveland .. i missed you the last time... they sold out :(
LaTasha_4's picture

I know it is suppose to be just questions but I just want to say your music is great. I have been rocking with you since day one and am very impressed on how grounded you are. It gives me great pleasure in being one of your ANGEL's. 1. Will you just say Hi to Latasha Crawford aka GrindinAngel? 2. Besides chilling with family in Petersburg is there anything else you like to do in your spare time? 3.Will you give your mom, grandma and aunts a big hug for me for raising such a nice person? 4. Here's the classic question Will you follow me on Twitter? (lmao @gogettacrawford) Pretty please with Skittles on top. ***Can't wait to see you in DC for the OMG Tour***
MsNeversonSongz ❀◕‿◕❀'s picture

ms.ready89's picture

omg...hey boo... i love your new cd my favorite songs are made to be together, red lipstick, and unfortunate. but i had a chance to see you last time you were in the san fransico you did a WONDERFUL job but you crushed my heart on 21st bday by pullin that red head tramp up on stage...but i forgive you for that cuz i kno u still love me, but anyhow i know that this was suppose to be a comment or question what ever but i had to tell you that. so, do you ever think that you could be in a serious relationship with someone that is not in the industry?
BrittBerk22's picture

Hey Trey, Just have 1 quick question. I've been rocking wit ya since my brother told me about ya in 2005. ( he go 2 VSU) anyways im very proud to see u grow and get the attention/respect u deserved.Took awhile but hey..u got there. :) My question 2005 u had the whole "Just gotta make it" thing goin on..Do u feel like u can now say "I made it" or do u feel like u still have a long way 2 go?? P.S- Come do a show in King George,VA 2 Up 2 Down..VA ;) -Brittney
KA-LEE-YA...KALEYIA's picture

omg i cant wait!!!!! can u sing happy birthday to me please.... even though my birthday already passed? Why do u think ur considered a sex symbol? Do u see yourself gettin married n havin kids someday? If so how many kids do u want?
trimel362's picture

Can I be the lucky Angel to join you on stage in San Diego?
trimel362's picture

What is your favorite song of all time? If you could slow dance with someone special to any song, what song would you choose?
SimplyNoni's picture

can't wait!!!!! we missed you so much i'm so glad you started tweeting again!!!!!!!!!!! but i would just like to say a couple of things. First off you're an amazing person not only as Trey Songz but as Tremaine Neverson and i love both sides fo you. Second i wanted to thank you. when you were doing the Trey Songz My Moment on BET i was amazed at how hard you work to be so successful in what you love doing. it has given me the encouragement and inspiration to keep on my grind and keep working hard for what i want in my life. and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for that inspiration because now i know i'll make it to the top doing what i love to do. Third i know life gets hard for you and its understandable because living in the limelight is a hard thing to do. i dont like it when people gossip and make up lies about my regular lives and only a couple people i know. but for people to always want to be in your business like that and making lies and gossiping 24/7 and its not just a couple of people its thousands and most of it is people you dont even know personally that's a lot of stress. but i love the way you keep yourself in track of your life. Fourth i pray that may you alway be blessed and may the Lord always be there next you guiding and helping you through the tough times and be in joy with you through the good times. Overall i'm proud to say i am a Trey's Angel and i love your hardwork and everything you have became. GOD BLESS! -Love Noni
Ashley_39's picture

omg! hi trey! im really upset set because this is the anniversary onf my uncle's death ( killed in army) but i just had to send you this! anyways here is some questions: why do people call you the sex symbol of the world? why do people make rumors sayin your gay? willyou come sing happy birthday to me when you come to detroit on Dec.2 ? it will really make me feel better!!!!! (my birthday is on nov 26) i hope you get to answer my questions!!!!
I_love_trey_songz's picture

First, I just want to say Tremaine I LOVE YOU and your music is soo inspirational to me now in days! Secondly, I want to say you smash the PASSION, PAIN, && PLEASURE TOUR IN DC!!! I soooo love ya SWAGG!!! WHICH IS ALWAYS ON FULL ATTACK!!!! have a question! When you was young who has been more of a inspiration to you in the music business? can you follow me on twitter @bozzynisha THANXS BABE LOVE YA
Breanna Mone's picture

Q: Are you gonna bring a girl on stage at the omg tour? Q: Do you ever see yourself getting married someday? Q: Can you follow me on twitter ? :) lovemeimBREE Thanks :)
Missjay757's picture

Hello, First I must say how excited yet proud I am of you as an artist and how you haven't compromised yourself to fit the norms. Now I remember you saying on your tv show that you wanted to be a positive influence in the community. With your busy schedule, what are some of the community service projects you are or are planning to be involved with and to what capacity? What organizations do you knowingly associate yourself with and do you plan on starting one of your own? If so where? you seem to have a genuine personality and seem to be very giving of yourself to others although it seems as if giving of yourself to other fulfills you. At what point will you feel as if you have given too much? What would make you say that you have had enough or people are asking too much of you? How have you and your family adjusted to this "spotlight lifestyle" especially with you all coming from the small area of Petersburg? Also, i think you should have a contest where your fans can submit concepts for both your videos and your shows...why because I HAVE ONE! lmao I mean its good for fan-friendly is that? go head HIRE ME i promise im about my business seriously your fans are extremely creative and much as we love and support you i think we will provide some solid ideas and concepts for you if not to help continue to shake things up! its just a thought/suggestion...I will continue to support you as you are another talented artist from VA who is truly showing and proving that anything is possible. God Bless!
Apple_4's picture

TREY,IM SO EXCITED THAT YOUR GOING LIVE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunatelty I have to close tomorrow night at work : (. On a positive note, YOUR COMING TO ARIZONA ON THE 19TH, AND I WILL BE PRESENT! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO COME TO AZ FOR 5 YEARS, AND MY WISH HAS FINALLY CAME TRUE!!! My question are 1)Will YOU be having any type of after party while your here in AZ? I would love to attend or help create one, your fans would love to show you how AZ does it BIG : )!!! 2)Also your Birthday is coming up, what are your plans to celebrate? 3)Last but not least,I enjoy your tweets they get me through my day! (NOT REALLY A ? LOL) P.S. I LOVE ALL YOU DO AND HOW GENUINE ARE AS A PERSON, AND ARTIST. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK,I APPRECIATE IT!!!THANK YOU FOR BEINNG AN TRUE EXAMPLE OF A REAL MAN : ). Have a great day!( apple3872= twitter handle if you would like to follow. PLEASE & THANK YOU!) To all the other Angels who get to tune in tomorrow night have fun!!!!!!! xoxoxoAPPLE
Felicia_5's picture

Trey your music just lifts my spirits everyday. One thing I get from your music is that we (your fans) dont know you as well as we think we do. Your music is beautiful, fun, sexy, and gets me in the best mood. I want to thank you for all that you do and making me feel beautiful and sexy when I listen to you sing. How does one get tickets to your concert that can't really afford them? I'm 38 years old have never been into concerts or artists before you. All I want for christmas is to come see you in concert more then anything in the world, lol. Can you help me please? I can was dishes or do laundry for the next year...LMAO!! Keep doing what you do so people like me can be inspired and have their spirits lifted! Thank you for keeping a smile on my face through this difficult time in my life. I wish you all the best and nothing but happiness and health. xoxox Felicia my e-mail address is
@MsMsWest's picture

I thought of a few more, Q: Who's your favorite Superhero and y?? If u could have 1 super power what would it be & y? Q: What was your favorite cartoon growing up?? Q: Do you listen to or like Gospel music? If so who are some of your fave Gospel artists??? Q: What do u look forward to the MOST when you are on tour??? I won't be able to see ur Live chat :( but feel free to DM me & let me know u answered 1 of my q's ;-)..... Hey a closed mouth doesn't get fed right? *muah* KEEP SMILING TREY!!!
Cynce02's picture

Trey!!! come back en france!!!!!!!
trimel362's picture

What do you feel separates you from other artists in the game? What advice would you give to others trying to get their foot in the door in the music business? Although you're surrounded by screaming fans constantly, do you ever feel lonely? If so, what do you do to lift your spirits? Besides success and many many blessings...what brings you the greatest sense of joy/satisfaction at the end of the day? Can I take you out for your birthday?:-)...Do you think you can make time to spend my birthday with me? (had to ask lol)
Trinal's picture

Hi Trey, I have a few Random questions. Did you vote in the November 2nd Election? What are you going to do for your Birthday? When is the next video from the Passion,Pain and Pleasure album coming out? This was just a thought You and Usher should do a remix for Alone. Special Request: I know this is wishful thinking, but I do know some wishes do come true. My Birthday is January 30th, can you please come HOME and sing Happy Birthday to me in person? Lastly can you follow me on Twitter @lilmamma50
neshia_5's picture

Q:As your music career continues, do u consider your goals are accomplished? Q how do i get the tickets for the omg tour?'s picture

Hey Trey! Please let us know if there are any plans in the future to have a PPP tour tv special or DVD?
leelee27's picture

hi tremaine only one question are you gonna be on the uk leg of ushers tour ??
Dominique_16's picture

cant wait



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