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"LOL :-)" LIVE from Rhode Island

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Trey Songz's picture
on August 18, 2009 - 12:05pm

Watch the clip above to see the "LOL :-)" performance from a recent show at the Twin River Casino in Rhode Island. READY in stores September 1st? R U READY? Pre-order NOW!

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kwynnieebaby's picture

Aw, this day was awesome !! :-) Def saw me in the front :-) ... that view was Great and hes Great .. i was soo fcukinG excited ..
qbatalianma's picture

AWWWWW i was there...i saw my arm recording a video lmaoooo...he RTed my twitter then personally twittered me...i almost passed out in the parking lot lol...madd fun night THANK U TREY! for the highlight of my summer..ive waited 6 yrz to see u nd it was def worth the wait.
Vanessa_38's picture

&&I was There!Yuuup!!Right After He RT me On Twitter!!NOW i went to the one in NYC && im Going To The Show in CHICAGOO!Lets Go!!IloveYouTrey Whenever u Fall Lift Ur Wings && God Will Lift You!READY!

i would like for him to come to my school and perform that would be so hot and fun to watch.
ReezeBae's picture

Wow Trey Lover... sry to hear but sometimes it neither record label, management or artist. Str8 up, promotors will do that and charge for artist and advertise this and that and not let the Artist or they people know anything... until last minute, and sometimes not say anything at all. Its sad and they need to stop because it gives artist a bad man and sometimes messes up their fan base!
Diiamond_Black's picture

okay so check it i know people go through things right and even people of this status just need a moment but , on myspace there is a page trey songz family and friends and i was interacting with someone who told me they were trey right excuse me if i had a little bit of doubt , b/c this person told me they would get on cam , i didnt ask them too , i didnt ask for a yahoo id but they volunteered info so wouldnt anyone question whether that was on the up and up , when it came time for to get on cam i was told get on skype , this yahoo doesnt work so well w/my camera, okay so im like wondering , just now b/c i asked a few questions , the person claiming to be him got very upsetto the point where they deleted me off the myspace fan page , I dont believe that this was him b/c he wouldnt get uptight about someone questioning whether it was him or not , knowing so many people have a lot of fake pages up . I will admit the page was very well put together , had a lot of photos of Trey's family of him , tour dates but like I said as real and down to earth as Trey songz is he wouldnt have had a fit about someone asking questions . Like I said i was had for a moment shared some of my poetry , when the person posted that trey was upset I gave encouraging words even used some of my own moments where I conquered obstacles lol. I wish people wouldnt make these phony pages or pretend to be someone they are not makes it hard to tell whats what sometimes . I should have known something was up though when this really young girl claimed to be his girl and was moving to VA to be with him . so yea if you come across that Myspace page Trey songz friends & family let me know if it's an official trey songz page his page .
MlleD's picture

goes to see a psychologist, he is really known for it can you see yourself among the thousands .. Everyone dreams of meeting his / her fan but it is almost impossible and is like its unfortunately have to accept
treylover_25's picture

Trey Songz has been a very inspirational figure in my life. However, after the concert in Rhode Island I will not see him the same. I paid $125 dollar for a meet and greet with him after a concert performance with him on August 15, 2009. Everyone, including myself with meet and greet passes lined up after the show to take pictures with him. HE LEFT, PEACE OUT. He left right after the show and all his people could tell us was that they were sorry. NO PICTURE, NO REFUND. I have been looking forward to this opportunity to meet him for over four years now. I AM A HUGE FAN, anyone that knows me would tell you how much I loved this music artist. I know the words to every song he has every sung. I wasted my time on an artist that only cares about money. You could also blame his record label that would allow his fans to get cheated like this. I suffer from deep depression. His music always got me through. Now, I FEEL SO LOST. I loved him as an artist before this moment but, now I hate Trey Songz the brand name. POOR MANAGEMENT.
kerybery64's picture

I was there!!! He sang "Last Time" after this song.
LeeLee_8's picture

i wish one day i can meet him.....
Tavia414's picture

awesome..awesome....i absoultly love his swagg talent...OK...I LOVE TREY YEEEAAA!!!
mamalonna_2's picture

what song did he do next???
Tiffany Lewis's picture

CLOSER than most.


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