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From me to you...


  • From me to you...
    Aug 28, 2012

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aww its a pleasure!!

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This was a very beautiful letter from you. As a fan this is greatly appreciated for you to take the time out of your busy day to tell us Thanks for our love & support. I have been a fan since Gotta Make it. I am so proud of the man that you have become today & the growth that you shown. I thank you for giving us excatly what we expect with every album, every single that you have released & that is great music. Your mom is an AMAZING woman to be able to allow you to follow your dreams & do something that you absolutely love doing that may only be just a dream to many of people today. For that all I can say is Thank you Ms. April!!! I feel that I've grown up right along with you from the beginning until now. You've been blessed with such an amazing talent please continue to allow God to use you thru it!!! It's funny that so many people ask "How can you be in luv with a man you don't know"??? Well I feel that I know you thru your music. Love songs, sexy ones, heartbreak all I can relate too. Thank you for loving me thru your music. Not sure if you even ever receive this response but if you do please know Tonya from Chicago loves you dearly. I truly love you & I mean it. Hope you have a great day!!!! I'm so PROUD OF YOU!!! #ChapterV Baby!!!! :-)

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I love this <3 I can't stop reading it! He poured out his heart and signed it Love Tremaine <3

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This is why I love you so much Trey! U make each one of us feel special in every shape and form! <3 #Newestangel!

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Proud Angel #AngelLove

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What would I ever do without you? LOL. This is the first time I'm reading this beautiful letter. It made me smile and cry at the same time! A few minutes ago I was feeling so angry, so I logged on because I knew I'd begin to feel better, and look, you did make me feel better. :) I'm proud to be one of your Angels. You give me a real reason to be a fan of yours because you never disappoint me. It's been ten years for you? Congrats on that. I'm so glad you didn't turn out to be a one hit wonder or worse - a no talent with a gorgeous face. We don't need anymore of those in this business.
I pray that God gives you ten more years, and then another ten more years and so on until the day you take your place upon that pedestal alongside of the legends that you look up to. May God always stand first in your heart, and may you always feel humble, even though you're so important. You've changed so many lives and you're making the world a better place with your talent. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to everyday. I love you, always.

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Thank Trey for taking the time to tell us what we already knew, that you love us!.

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I read this letter a few days ago an I cannot stop thinking about how appreciative Trey must be to sit and write a personal letter addressing his fans. Alot of his letter displays a humbleness that most artists don't display and I personally want to say thank you Trey! Just another reason to be one of your fans!

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I keep reading this over n over it makes my heart smile to see you succeed an be so humble and down to earth person THAT is why we love you besides your amazing talent and will continue to ride for you as long as God wills it so! thank you for being you and allowing us on this journey with you and giving so much of yourself continuously. you have no idea the impact you have on our lives the love and bond we share is incomparable! love and support you always Trigga,Trey, ....Tremaine

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Such an awesome gesture of true gratitude, love, and appreciation. Trey is a breed apart from the rest. He brings a realness to every song he sings that anyone can relate to. Most artists only reach out to their fans when they are at their lowest, not Trey. He has been taking us along for the ride, ups and downs, as he climb to the pinnacle of his career. Good luck to you Trey, wishing you the very best. Sending love and many more blessings your way. Angels got ya back!!

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i cant stop reading this it just brings tears to my eyes to find out the person that i love so much that doesnt even know me but loves me back and thanks me. u are the best trey and there is none other. u dont here other artist very often giving thanks like this to their fans #i love u trey

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Can't stop reading this ... what a blessing!

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i wanna thank you for truly stating why each and every one of your fans, Angels, family loves you n why you do what u do. I cant stop read it. #LOVE #THANKYOU #THANKYOU #THANKYOU

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I just keep reading this over, and over, and over, and over!!!! Makes me smile everytime!! #Love ( :

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Thank You Trey Songz for taking the time to write this powerful letter it is a blessing to hear how you feel and appreciate your fans. Im glad that I am apart of your movement and success. but truth from me is that you show your love and support through your actions all the time which are more important bc we get to see them not everyday you will get the chance to write such a touching letter to your fans to show how much you care for us but I am grateful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to write this. With that being said Im proud to be a Trey's Angel and happy to be around a supporting team that works hard and never gives up!

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This was such a touching letter. I feel grateful to have received this letter in an email and I am so happy for you Trey. You have come a long way and have grown musical as an artist and I am happy for you and the success Chapter V has given you. I noticed that Chapter V made it #1 on the billboard records!! Congrats on that too. I have always been a fan and am now an angel and rep hard for you Trey. I love your music and am so proud of you and what you have been able to accomplish! I love you Trey <3

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Love you Trey!!! Love you Angels!! :)

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this letter made me cry tears i felt the love passion i can't even find words to express my feelings right this is why i stay going hard for tremaine i love this man to death i will forever love rep go hard for tremaine aldon neverson !!!!

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thank u and i believed that came from the heart cause i felt each word as i read it it brought tears to my eyes and as long as u keep being who u are u will always have us(fans) on your side love u tremaine <3

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Today we have thanked you and express how much we all be fans, friends, angels or other we were important and how they contributed to your growth of a child to a man. But today I want to thank you for each of your songs for each of the stories you tell, for each brings new hope that you, for every smile that you sketch it losrque you hear or see you. But especially for each light that you do be born in us through your texts. I've always loved your work, but during one of the worst period of my life, this is your music saved me. Also thank you to you for helping me to be that the woman I become today.

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LOVE YOU Trey unconditionally! LOVE all my sister Angels also! You gave us the opportunity to have another family (that's what we are now) Trey's Angels. We see how hard u go for us so it's only right that we go just as hard for you. LOVE

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i love u trey. i am glad to have been able to be a part of this journey u have made since your first album. i will always be a fan so thank u for this.

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Thank you for taking us in considaration, I know is hard to deal with us most of timess, specially when you meet distorbes ones like me, that we don't really want to accept the fact that you are a human been like us and can't give us all we demand from you... I apologyse if at times I turn into a rude and nasty girl but is hard to control your feeling when you want something sooo badly and you know you can't have it. I had I discussion whith you on facebook, I don't know if it was your real facebook or it was one of those fake ones.. and we really gott nasty to each other... Sorryy.. I like you and I love your music... Whish you the best of luck in your life, personal and professional... And you know you really inspired me?? I also want to be an artist but it a bit comfuss for me because I am to shy to go on public or anytime I posted a video or youtube I ended up deleting it... is complicated. but still when I remember your story and how comited you were and finally made it.. I come to think and know that I will too. Hope one day when I make it we can make a duo together... any way let me stop the dreaming and come back to reality.. Thank for every second of your time, every min of your toughs and every day for your music... love you...

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i love you so much Trey your music really help me through everything i go through i can relate to everything you say in your songs you truly are a very talented person Chapter V have truly helped me through a lot over the past week and so have your other albums even though i only met you once and this was sent to millions of people but when i read this letter it made me extremely proud to be an Angel and i wouldn't trade this feeling for nothing i love you Trey and i will always be supportive to you i will remain an Angel for the rest of time continue doing you and I love you so much

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I got up this morning listening to ChapterV (I Almost Lose It & Bad Decisions), feeling down. I'm going through a lot right now and is trying to keep my head up and figure things out. I checked my email this morning to see if any job responses came through. As I go through the emails deleting junk, I see the email from Trey. As I read the email I began to cry. I know the same email was sent to millions of people, but when I read it, it felt like it was for me and me only. I probably won't ever meet you in life, but this small token of appreciation meant a lot. Thank you so much, and much success on the album and your career moving forward. Be Blessed.

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I love you trey! Nothing in the world could explain how connected i feel. Thank you for allowing me in your life and you coming into mine. The bond that we have when you flow thru my radio is Simply Amazing. You never seize to amaze me. I am truly proud to be an Angel and will forever be in debt to you for the family of Angels you have given me. We, a bunch of strangers bond and connect for the same cause, loving your music. Again I say thank you

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Love you too Trey!

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Thank You Trey for sharing your talent and your passion not only with us but with the world. You inspire so many people to do more and be more through what you do and continue to do and the love you give out to the world is what makes us love you. You are truly a blessed and talented individual and you continue to show us your fans/Angels and loved ones why our support mean so much to you. Look at all you have accomplished, all the growth you have had as a man and as an artist and we all have just felt proud and very lucky just to have been able to be any kind of part of that. We love you <3

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I want to thank you for putting out the music you have done. Every time I hear you speak and say how much love you have for your fans,friends and family touches my heart. It brings me great joy and much love for you even more. Every time I hear a song of yours it makes me feel better and even though some may think its just a song I think of it as being more than that. It's a Comfort to me when I listen to you. I love music and I have a passion for it and I respect what you do. I usually listen to the beat of the song first then the words. Your words are an added bonus to the sound of the music you put it to. I get so emotional when I hear great music and you have done that for me and inspire me. It brings tears to my eyes to see how much you accomplished and to take the time to actually say thank you touches my heart. Im crying now just writing this. I wish you the best and may God continue to bless you

Your fan for life

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well i just got my e-mail and i am in tears right now, and i just want to let trey and his crew and family know that we appreciate everything you guys do for us, some artist won't take the time out to recognize how much a fan truly care for an artist. and for trey to take time out and write us a letter means alot because he didn't have to do it, but that just goes to show you that we mean more to him than we will ever know. luv ya trey 4 eva and always!!!! kisses