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From me to you...


  • From me to you...
    Aug 28, 2012

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This is why i will forever be a Trey Angel 4 Life!!!! Love ya, Trey!!!! :)

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Team Trey never a bore always excited and constantly inspiring me to be a better me.. Listening to his music puts me in such a good mood,, Reading this email puts me in a greater mood,, Touched and Honored.. XOXO...Trey's Angel for Life!!!!

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This was a beautiful read. I was smiling si hard when I got the email. Thanks for coming to DC. You look grrrrrreat in person lol Love you lots and thanks for all that you have done and will continue to do. Your fans are loyal, we got your back ^_^ God Bless

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What a beautiful heartfelt letter. I already knew he appreciated us Angels the way we did him. It is nice to hear how he truly feels about us. I wil forever be a Trey's Angel. Much love and respect to Ms. April for giving us such an amazing person.

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Beautiful letter Trey. I love you

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That's so sweet...and we love u too Tremaine!!!!

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I love you Tremaine ! Always and forever an Angel <3

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That was very sweet and even though your event in philly was not as intimate as i would have liked it to be it was nice to see you thank you for telling me im fine that put a smile on my face....You know what keeps you hot tje fact that your reputation has not been tarnished do not do that sh!! R kELLY DID YOUR REPRESENTING THE GROWN AND SEXY EVEN THOUGH THE GIRLS LOVE YOU YOUR STILL A MAN AND A MAN DOESNT WANT A LITTLE GIRL WHEN HE CAN HAVE ANY WOMAN HE WANTS,,,,,Stay grown and sexy and droppn panties