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From me to you...


  • From me to you...

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I got the email too, I felt so special to have gotten that :) love you Trey!

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Beautiful letter Trey. I love you

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That's so sweet...and we love u too Tremaine!!!!

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I love you Tremaine ! Always and forever an Angel <3

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That was very sweet and even though your event in philly was not as intimate as i would have liked it to be it was nice to see you thank you for telling me im fine that put a smile on my face....You know what keeps you hot tje fact that your reputation has not been tarnished do not do that sh!! R kELLY DID YOUR REPRESENTING THE GROWN AND SEXY EVEN THOUGH THE GIRLS LOVE YOU YOUR STILL A MAN AND A MAN DOESNT WANT A LITTLE GIRL WHEN HE CAN HAVE ANY WOMAN HE WANTS,,,,,Stay grown and sexy and droppn panties