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Mississippi Fans! Trey will be Performing at Thalia Mara Hall!

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on August 18, 2010 - 7:42pm

Jackson, MS - Trey will be performing at Thalia Mara Hall on August 31st! Check out the full concert details below and info to purchase tickets! Trey's new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE is available everywhere September 14th!

Thalia Mara Hall
August 31
Jackson, MS


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JazzlovesSongz's picture

Concert was AMAZING!!!
ShundraWms's picture

Trey was awesome!
Fabbiejay's picture

The concert will be beginning in like less than one minute...WISH I WAS THERE...ENJOY EVERYONE...
Fabbiejay's picture

I so wish I could go but I have surgery planned for friday and that took up all my extra funds...Love u Trey...its sad that you will be an hour away from me and I can't even see you...:( MISSISSIPPI STAND UP..TREY IS IN THE BUILDING.
Thickscorpio's picture

Yes Yes Yes....I cant waaaaiiiittt. My 1st concert and its TREY SOOONNNGGGZZZ. IM SOOOO HAPPY. Me and my best friend will DEFINATELY be there. I love u Trey Songz....Show out for us tomorrow night. My niece loves u sooooo much. She is crazy about u. Even crazier than I am lol. i cant wait to see Monica...I love her song "LOVE ALL OVER ME". Trey, If its not too much to ask, would u shout my name out...."TISH" lol. Love u!!!! Counting down the timefor this phenomenal performance "Its Mr. Steal Ur Girl" "YUUUP" MISSISSIPPI ALL DAY!!
JazzlovesSongz's picture

I can't wait!!!!!! 2 days left!
Chingy's picture

I'm excited, but then again sooo'm not gonna b there, but thts ok I'll catch u in GREENSBORO...Theoshia, you better enjoy those free tickets!!! wnt a lot of pics postd on FB!!!
iheartTreySongz_5's picture

Man i hate havin bills and ish cuz i wanna go soooo bad!!! Im bout to cry i wanna go so bad but i dont got da $$$ rite now man!!! ='( Dis sucks!!! Im still tryna hustle it up i cant let him come dis close and not come see him!!! I love u Trey!!
PrettyElegant's picture

I traveled 4 hours to the Birmingham show , I wish would have known he was coming to Jackson MS before I bought those tickets, it was definitely worth it though! Now I am trying not to go to this show, Trey is taking all my money!!!!!!
Nadia Richardson's picture

Well I wonder if he will stop by Mardi Gras after the concert since he doesn't go anywhere til the third??????TBC.........................
Renee_15's picture

I had a blast in Mobile..It was the first performance and it was well worth the price. I enjoyed Monica and of course the headliner, the one and only, Mr. Steal Your Girl, Mr. Trey Songz! I sat on the second row and felt like I was right on stage. It was definitely a show and night to remember. He sounded EXACTLY like he sounded on the CD and better. It was truley an amazing experience, each and every moment of it. There's nothing like seeing your favorite artist in person. I had the best time ever! I speak longevity and life, right now, in your music career!
Nadia Richardson's picture

Oh well ladies they both have shut it down before in Jackson, and it was great, now it is that time again for him to put it down and I just can't wait either and on the meet and greet tickets you have to listen to the radio station 99.7(jamz) or Hot 97.7(the beat) we have both giving them away I was close and they gave one set to a girl whom has never heard of Trey?OMG where did she come from? But best of luck to her cause I have the station on ustream on my labtop all day and night, so try it you may get lucky can't knock it if you don't try.......On another note can't wait to see you again Trey your show has touched many people keep up the good work, God Has Good Things In Store For You, and he will never put too much on you that you can't keep your head up there will be a silver lining with a rainbow at the end and you my dear is that POT OF GOLD!!!!!!! I Love You Trey and hope you have a good time at the Thalia Mara Hall because I know I will!!!!!!!
Renea B's picture

Myztik's picture

Ah!!!!! Mississippi it's time to represent!! This is what I'm talkin' 'bout... ;) Bless your heart, Mr. Songz. All this work you do for your fans. I can't explain how much I thank you for being such a hard-working and inspirational artist. :) I was the one(or one of them) who posted in the suggestions board here and I have a feeling the Atlantic Team, including Trey, reviewed it and made it happen! I think my mama already got some tickets and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS. Much love to you Tremaine! We Mississippians love you! Keep it up, and we can't wait to see your performance here...which I'm sure will be very phenomenal!
AgapeAngel's picture

I saw him on 4/18 & 8/15 in memphis and now I'm bout to spend my last again to see him in Jackson on the that is what I call fan dedication! Luv u Trey! Luv Monica 2! See u soon! Again! Lol!
ms4thofjuly's picture

Hey Guys, what's UP??? Okay, you all have to help me out with this contest that iPower 92 Radio Station is having for Trey's Most Passionate Fan! Please take a minute or two and go to the website and vote for me as Trey's Most Passionate Fan for the Richmond, Virginia Concert on August 29th!!! Ladies I need you big time!!! Here is the link and all you have to do is register and vote for me. You can vote once per day so help me win the Grand Prize so I can sit in on Trey's Soundcheck!!! Here is the link: Copy and paste it in your browser. If that does not work here is the other link: Click on Meet Trey up close and personal and then scroll down and click on register now. It's so easy and I need to win this big time!!!! Tell all your friends to vote for me!!!! Peace and Blessings, Venessa from Petersburg, Virginia (The Burg Baby)'s picture

How do i get meet and greet tickets for the jackson mississippi shoe...ticketmaster is not selling them or i just can't find it's picture

i was Trey in Memphis. Wish i could afford tickets to see him in Jackson MS. He did great a job. Yall enjoy.
tae_3's picture

Yaaaayyyyy I got my ticket! @Lynette04 hopes everything goes well with ur surgery doll! :-)
Lynnette04's picture

I'm soooo upset right now because I really want to go but I'm having surgery Monday and I'm not going to be able to go anywhere for the next few days.....So, I hope you do a GREAT JOB, because every time you come, I miss the show and I hate that I do every time.... Love and Blessings!!!!
Angela_20's picture

I can't wait
Khristie's picture

At the Orpheum Theater in Memphis last Sunday... Monica gave us a bit of the old school Monica and songs from her new album which I enjoyed tremendoulsly, that was my 1st time seeing her in concert. Tre just shut it down!! Literally, his voice sounded like the studio and I was entertained every minute he was up there.. I will definitely be at the concert in Jackson where I live!! Can't wait......
MsAngione's picture

You all are in for a treat.. Trey rocked the Orpheum in Omaha Nebraska. Monica was awesome as well. Both artist are very passionate about singing, and giving you their best. Pray for them. They need strength and rest, but they're moving forward just for us.


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