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New Merch Added to Trey's Online Store!


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on Feb 14, 2011 - 06:59PM

In honor of Valentine's Day, we've added exclusive new items to Trey's Official Online Store! Brand new items include the limited edition "Love Faces" 3 charm set (only 500 sets made!) and "I Heart Trey T-Shirt" in black!

The "Love Faces" T-Shirt, and "Love Faces" Tank & Booty Short Set (from the Valentine's Day Bundles) are also now available separately. And, back by popular demand is the READY Photo T-Shirt! Plus, get 3 t-shirts for $30 - the "LOL :-)" shirt, "One Love" shirt and then your choice of the blue, purple, or white splatter tee (sold as the READY T-Shirt Packs).

And finally, for the Angels, you can now buy the "Angels" charm separately, which was originally in the "Bottoms Up" charms pack.

Make sure you head over to Trey's Official Online Store to check out all of these items and more! Start shopping NOW!


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