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Oceans 7 Covers J'Adore Magazine!

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Busy's picture
on August 23, 2009 - 12:07am

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Tasha_35's picture

I like This!!!!!
LilMissChinaDoll's picture

U look supppa sexy on the cover u know i gotta get that magazine just because you on da front its jus ridiculous at all the sexiness God gave you i mean DAMN
@MsMsWest's picture

Hmmm this is EXTRA SAUCY!!! Yeah I like it A LOT! :) Y u gotta be stealing the shine off everybody else in the pic(ha , sarcasm). Put that GORGEOUS smile away...on 2nd thought keep on shinin' & doin' what u do cuz its workin' fa ya! ;)
TreyAngel_Dasha Valresa's picture

Get IT Oceans___Keep Stayin On Yallz A-Game___& Trey Next Tuseday U Goin Platnum Iight..!!Much Luv__Mwah__
angelindenver's picture

OK Trey so what if you can't order now? Like I don't get paid til the 1st. I am so broke now unless you wanna offer me a complimentary album? Crazy huh!
Lisa Tate's picture

trey love the cover nice work keep it up .UM HuH!!!!!!!!!
TashaNeverson87's picture

U r too cute...Im likin them gloves, I just luv ur style, wit ur mesmerizing smile...I really am in luv wit u "Trey Bae"...
Tremaine's Jamaican_Beauty's picture

"I'm really loving this cover Trey, your the one that stands ot the most like BOOM, but everyone else look good tho." much love your Jamaican_Beauty from Florida
GIRLIEDIVA87's picture

thats an amazing cover its a good rep, of real grown men.


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