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Pics from Trey's 'Feed for Love' Campaign in VA!

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on November 29, 2009 - 7:00pm

Check out pics of Trey as he celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday by giving turkeys to families in his home state of Virginia through his 'Feed for Love' campaign. Check out more pics from the event in Trey's Photos section!

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katiii84's picture

lady virtue's picture

his heart is right, enough said
AmberNicole's picture

That's awesome Trey, it's great to see your heart shine through just like you're beautiful smile. God bless!
im dat gurl 4 trey's picture

all dat iz so sweet dats y i luv trey songz now
kyraluvstrey's picture

lbeautiful!!! nw i dnt see this n my everyday life!!! keep up the good work TREY!!!
pickle trey sozg boo's picture

aww that's sooo cute
Ima_T_Angel's picture

This is an amazing guy I love his heart!! I neva saw nobody care that much!!! Jus cause we r n wheelchairs doesnt mean we don't hav feelingz! I laugh sumtime @ how ppl treat me and then I get mad!! But I luv Trey he is so sweet!! And he should keep doin great thingz!!!
mintymooky001's picture

awww..gud guy
@MsMsWest's picture

This is WONDERFUL TREY! God Bless u!
paule_2's picture

This is what the world needs... People like you that gives back to the community!!!
Trey_Baby_5's picture

Trey the things that you are doing is wonderfull... This is down from the heart and its known that your there for your community and surroundings....Good job and keep up the good work shawty!!:)
QLaShae''s picture

I agree! this is PRICELESS! The smile on his face just to see someone else happy is AMAZING!
TameishaRenee's picture

This is priceless.....this is one of the most important things anyone can do. Giving to someone who doesnt have much. Keep doing what you do Trey.
MizLenaBaby's picture

thats sexy
Clumzie24's picture

You're a sweetheart and an inspiration keep doin you bcuz your work does not go unnoticed.
triggalover09's picture

aww thatz sweet

aww trey yur soo sweet:)
lovablekey27's picture

thats really nice and sweet of you to do sumthang like that specially on thanksgiving.
Trey'sLady_2's picture

I'm loving what you do Trey :-)
lilymichelle's picture

Sooooo sweet. You do good things, Trey.
Treymysweetie's picture

hi my trey love u soooooooooo much!!!!! ? ? ? ? ?
Dayreds79's picture

Thats wuzzup Trey
AmandaMcBride07's picture

beautiful soul
Brittany Renee's picture

Susan_3's picture

I commend you for taking the time out and celebrating your holiday with families who are much appreciated for what you do for them in the community..
Ladiluk's picture

You know alot of celebrities will not allow themselves to take pics with special needs children that was so sweet of you. You are such an amazing person. Keep up the excellent work dear. Much Luv from me to you ( muah xoxox)
mZ.aLl tHaT's picture

awwwww! tHaT iS sO sWeEt yOu mAkE mE pRoUd tO bE a fAn!!!


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