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Spring Break 2010: Trey Songz "Say Aah" [Video]

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Atlantic Records's picture
on March 25, 2010 - 10:47am

Trey Songz woos the 2010 Spring Break audience with his latest track "Say Aah". Check out his Spring Break 2010 performance above! Like the shirts the girls on stage with Trey are wearing? Click HERE get yours now in Trey's Official Merch Store!

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Mizz tREYSOngz's picture

white chick's gone crazy lol wish i was there
Shala3 SongZ's picture

baby shut that downn wish i was in mexico wit em luv ya boo***
Raminta's picture

Every single video of him makes me go like WOOOOOOOW !! This was an amazing perfomance as always :)
monique_42's picture

Love the look as always the performance as you forever best artist of all time it's ur time to shine and you are glowing babe love u
DeshiaNicole's picture

Thanks God, I wake up to this performance playing every morning! Love ya, Trey!
iiLoveTremainee's picture

ii already have my ii HEART trey shirt . ;-*
Christina_38's picture

Great performance! So proud of you:)
sweetpea41185's picture

It was definitely a hot performance. If I was on stage I would have helped you take your shirt off :-P
SB_2's picture

Looks like the crowd loved you Trey. I think you deserve a mini vacation. You have been working extremely hard. Proud of you! God Bless and stay safe.
Kadprat2315's picture

LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see him live!!!
ladytiara19's picture

i like this, it look like trey had mad fun down there
Nicki_ G's picture

luv the show babe!
Wizkidification's picture

Excuse me Songz, ... you're talent is showing.
Theresa41's picture

Great Show Trey! Theresa Cressey


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