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on February 18, 2011 - 12:07pm catches up with Trey at his "Love Faces" video shoot in Miami

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GAsweettie83's picture

the video is very beautifully done, and he looks so fiiinnee in it as always!!! I really loved it!!! nice pick for his love interest too, she's very pretty.
TREYSPPP's picture

"yk ive done some pretty outrageous videos" pause .. lmao. yes trey yu have!!!!.lmao..but we love em!!.&we loooove this one as welll!!!. i
Sylura L.'s picture

The guy that it is in the black glasses looks alot like Justin Temberlake. I know it may seem strange, I have a bet with my sister so please help us out. Love the concept of the video, very sexy. A boy like Chris Brown has nothing on a man like Trey.
Katts's picture

she has beautiful eyes I did not notice them in the video. You look nice to Trey I like the tune on tune t'shirt. luv yuh
nesey81's picture

I agree with LilMzMiyah I will watch anything Trey is in......I was watching the AllStar Celebrity Basketball tournament earlier and Trey was looking too sexxy running up and down the court : )'s picture

I love this behind the scenes footage! Trey you did a great job!
shrtyslim02's picture

i loved the video and the concept of, yes its something different but overall trey did an amazing job as usual as well as the young woman in the video as well. kudos to u trey :)
LilMzMiyah's picture

ill watch anything trey is in..i dont even care what its All his videos are amazing tho = )
SpiritualAngel's picture

I agree with Keema2003 I love the concep of the video, yes people were excepting something more sexual and that what made it so AWESOME!
MIZZR3D's picture

yeahhhh tasha & bibi. added some art to the scene!
Rolanda4's picture

This video is up there with Your Side Of The Bed.. just AMAZING!!!
corneishabennett's picture

main i love thiz song the 2nd best song ever
Keema2003's picture

I love the concept of this video Trey! People were not expecting it and thats what made it great! Love you! xoxo - AttentiveAngel


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