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Toni Braxton - 'Yesterday' ft. Trey Songz (Official Video)

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on November 19, 2009 - 7:00pm

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bianca6's picture

beautiful video & song!
delicious1989's picture

I liked the video yall is amazing together
Tatiana_Songz88's picture

baby what you saying to me is theres no more you and i i couldnt get it right on yesterday so kiss our tomorrows goodbye baby love shouldda brought me home shoulda just been a man about it but now im crying baby girl your love is like a blanket don't know what to do without it standing here pleading my case you dont care what i say.
Selly's picture

Like the was ok I was expecting more....Was that Brooke Hogan at the beginning?....Trey and Shannon Brown looked very handsome......
Queenbound_214's picture

this is a very strong song i love it and they both lookin sexy plus we all got sum so yesterdays!!!!!!
ChocolaTee's picture

I soooo love this song/video i counldn't wait to see it...... was expecting something a lil different but Toni Braxton is my girl and i love me some Trey Songz.
Brooklyns Darling's picture

Amazing video... i relly like the piano scene..
lady virtue's picture

Toni and Trey are so soulful
lady virtue's picture

interesting i was expecting something different but I still love this video and song. I love the short haircut on Toni. Trey looks so handsome as usual. @ Ms.Yuuup i was thinking the same thing lol i do believe that is brook hogan hmm lol
MS. YUUUP's picture

ok funny vid...she must love the lakers like me cause she got Shannon Brown and Ron Artest...i was looking for Kobe Bryant next. And Trey look good as always.
AyshaI's picture

Love it! Is that Brook Hogan?
Jasmin_14's picture

love the song , so the video had to be good
Brnsugar75's picture

Very Nice video, is that Ron Artest?



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